Fingerless Shark Glove Pattern


*This listing is NOT for a finished product. It is for a PDF pattern.*

Fingerless gloves help keep your hands warm while keeping your fingers free to do those things you can’t normally do with gloves or mittens on. This fall/winter keep your hands warm with sharks.

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Pattern is for an adult medium but can easily be adjusted to fit any size by increasing the number of rows or using a larger hook. I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in white and overcast to make my gloves.

(Disclaimer: As you can see in the photo, my shark is a little “special”. I should have really redone the eyes and moved them further back. This is a reflection on me the day I was putting these together while writing the pattern, not a reflection of the pattern. I will be updating the picture in the near future.)

As always, with all shark items I will be donating half the proceeds from this pattern to shark conservation.


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