About Me

A number of years back I used to run a mommy blog. I really didn’t think anyone wanted to read anything I had to say, but it turned out that I was wrong. A number of people were interested in my experiences raising small children with autism. Illness took me away from my blog for a while and when I was well again I couldn’t get back into it. Why am I sharing this, you ask? Just to explain that while this is a new blog, I am no stranger to blogging.


I thought about it extensivly¬†and I want a place for my craft blogging other than the Tumblr account that I use to post projects – mainly those that don’t come out quite right. My main Tumblr is dedicated to the video game The Sims and the machinima projects that I put together and after sharing a handful of ‘questionable’ projects I gave them their own Tumblr. You can find that here.


I was probably about 8 or 9 years old when I asked my mother to teach me to crochet. She was working on an afghan of some sort at the time. I don’t know if she was a bad teacher or my lack of coordination got the better of me, or both, but this attempt was an utter failure. My success at the time was crocheting a perfect chain (and believe me, they were always quite long and usually turned into cat toys) with my fingers. At the time if you had handed me a crochet hook there was a greater chance I would have poked myself in the eye with it than create something. I just couldn’t do it.


Off and on, over the years, I would pick up a crochet hook, and attempt to use it. I continued to fail. It wasn’t until I was 18 or 19 that I was actually able to figure it out and I only knew one stitch. I made an afghan that had a few issues. A co-worker of mine, at the time, taught me how to do a double crochet. In my attempt to learn this, I screwed up and figured out the half double crochet. At least I had finally figured things out! I really didn’t care that my first project had issues, I was just happy I could finally do this thing called crocheting.


It came as a surprise to a few people I knew that I crocheted. I guess it didn’t seem like the sort of thing I would do. This lead to two different people trying to teach me to knit. This was a bigger failure than learning to crochet. Knitting needles in my hands are nothing but weapons and it’s a crap shoot who is going to get hurt first, me or the person sitting closest to me. I do not have the coordination for knitting. I blame it on being ambidextrous. I still have a hard time telling my left from my right (something I understand is pretty common in the ambidextrous), anything that requires more harmonious interaction than walking and talking at the same time is sadly, most of the time, beyond my reach. So crochet it is, and at least the hook is pretty blunt and I don’t have to worry about drawing blood if it slips.


Hopefully someone will find something interesting, helpful, or amusing here as this blog grows. In the meantime, enjoy a picture of my cat enjoying a scarf I made as a Christmas present for a friend of mine.