Everyone has a collection of crochet resources. This is mine. Hopefully you will discover something here that you didn’t know about or find something useful.

  • General Resources – Here you will find directions for starting crochet if you are new to it along with some neat tips and tricks, blogs I follow and really like, places to get free patterns, crochet charities, and more.
  • Patterns – Patterns that I offer both free and paid. Keep in mind I’m not a serious designer. I much prefer making things. There are so many awesome things that other people have created and I want to make them all. Maybe one day I’ll take designing seriously.
  • Stitch Catalog – This is a work in progress. There are a log of tutorials out there for learning different stitches. Some of them are good, some of them not so much. These are the ones that I like and use.
  • Yarn Snob Notes – I really don’t know if this is a resource. It’s more of a list of my (possibly unwanted) thoughts on various yarns. If you want someones thoughts on a yarn before you try it out, this may or may not be the place to look. I am very biased toward natural fibers.