Pokemon Afghan

I was originally going to call this project 30 Pokemon in 30 Days and then I realized that I would probably need more than 30 days to post everything. That doesn’t allow room for compilations in designing appliques, life happening, and other things that can go wrong.

So, what is this all about?

I was inspired by a number of the afghans I have seen floating around where appliques are sewn to granny squares. When I originally decided to start a crochet business & blog I wanted to do all Pokemon stuff because Pokemon. Then I realized that there was kind of a saturation in the crocheted Pokemon market and I moved on without much direction. I’m still figuring it out. Hopefully this project feeds that Pokemon need.

As I said, I was inspired by a number of afghans that I have seen floating around. The idea actually came to me out of nowhere and just kept slapping around my brain, as ideas do, telling me that “It must be done.” Two problems. 1. I would have to make all the appliques. 2. I’m not a crochet designer.

At least I don’t picture myself as a designer. I guess I am now…

I don’t really want to call this this a crochet along, because I have no set schedule for things. I guess in some ways it is though, as I am going to be sharing with everyone the applique patterns as I get them done. Anyone interested in this project will be making it along with me.

This section will be updated as needed. I will also publish a PDF of the completed afghan for purchase when the afghan is finished for those that prefer everything in one file. In the meantime you can purchase individual PDF patterns as they are available. I decided to make them available individually for those who don’t want all of the patterns.

Since I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, or in this case, the afghan, I am using the granny square pattern provided over at Maria’s Blue Crayon. She’s even provided a video tutorial on how to do it. I don’t know if this is her pattern, or if she found it somewhere, but I’ve added it here for convenience. Be sure to visit her page.

H hook
Worsted weight yarn – I am using Lilly Sugar ‘n Cream
White (for Pokemon Squares), red and black.

Row 1: Magic circle, Chain 2, 12 DC in circle, join (12)
Row 2: Chain 2, 2 DC in each stitch around, join (24)
Row 3: Chain 2, *DC, 2 DC, repeat from *, join (36)
Row 4: Chain 3, DC into same space, *DC, HDC, HDC, SC, SC, HDC, HDC, DC, [2 DC, Chain 2, 2 DC] into same stitch, repeat from * two more times, DC, HDC, HDC, SC, SC, HDC, HDC, DC, [2 DC, Chain 2] into beginning chain 3 space, join to chain 3
Row 5: Chain 3, (do not start DC into same space) *DC across, [DC, chain 2, DC] into Chain 2 space from previous round, repeat from *, join to chain 3 (14 DC across for each side)
Row 6: Chain 3, (do not start DC in same space) *DC across, [DC, chain 2, DC] into Chain 2 space from previous round, repeat from *, DC into next space, join, fasten off (16 DC across for each side)

Note: I may not believe in reinventing the wheel, but I am perfectly capable of doing things to it. I realized when I was making my second square for Oddish that I managed to completely change the original granny square pattern without realizing I did it resulting in slightly smaller squares.

My alternate granny square pattern

Row 1: Magic ring. Chain 2. 10 DC in circle. Join with SLST
Row 2: Chain 2, skip joined stitch. 2 DC in each stitch around. SLST to join. (20 stitches)
Row 3:  Chain 2. *HDC, HDC, DC, (2 DC, chain 2, 2 DC in same stitch Рthis is a corner). DC in next stitch* Repeat from *. SLST to join.
Row 4: Chain 3. DC in next stitch. DC around but in the chain 2 spaces of the corners do the 2 DC, chain 2, 2 DC group.
Row 5 – 6: Repeat Row 4. In row 6 fasten off and weave in ends.

I am also going to be using the 7×9 grid that Maria used for her Woodland Afghan. This will make a nice sized afghan of just over 4 feet wide by just over 5 feet long, before edging.

I was very undecided on what colours to use for the squares that didn’t have Pokemon on them. It was a toss up between the red and black from the pokeball or the yellow and blue from the Pokemon logo. After much thought, I decided to go with the pokeball colours.

You will need 31 white squares, 16 black squares and 16 red quares.. The colours used for each Pokemon will be listed in their respective patterns. (Enlarge the image to the right to see large layout. Will be updated as afghan progresses.)

List will be updated as they are completed. At the end of the project I will put everything together in one PDF file that will be available for purchase for a small price.

1. Magikarp
2. Oddish
3. Luvdisc
4. Manapy
5. Mareep
6. Ditto
7. Jigglypuff
8. Shuppet



Everyone has their own way of stitching appliques onto granny squares and I didn’t think about sharing how I did it until I was asked. I also use the same technique for attaching applique parts like the ones on Mareep.

I use either a basting stitch or running stitch (they are very similar). Going behind the loops on the last row, I stitch over every other stitch. The stitches end up spaced the say way on the front and the back of the square. This hides the stitches pretty well and you have to get right up on things to find them. The downside is if you have to take them out for some reason it’s going to be a major headache because you have to find them