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11 Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Three cheers for the commercialization of holidays! Seriously, every time I see Christmas stuff up for sale before Halloween a little part of me dies inside. The only places
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“Manly Crochet”

  The hardest part about running a blog is coming up with things to write about. Sometimes you have no idea what you are going to write about,
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Ending Starting Row Woes

I have never seen this mentioned anywhere before so I thought that I would throw this out there. I especially think this little trick will help people new
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More Books

The mail dude delivered two more crochet books to me today – Crocheted Wild Animals and Crocheted Sea Creatures by Vanessa Mooncie. I have had these books on my
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Amiguruimi Aquariums

I will admit, my pintrest boards are not organized at all. I wish that I could be more organized but if anyone ever looked at my bookmarks folder,
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Tulip Etimo Hooks

I want to talk about my Tulip Etimo hooks for a moment. I love these things and don’t get to talk about them nearly enough. Amazon wants $300+
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