Finished Projects

Please forgive any bad pictures. These were all taken with my phone or tablet, and no matter how good of pictures my tablet takes, there is still crap lighting  in my apartment that often distorts colours:( 

These are just various projects that I have finished. Some are gifts, some are things I wanted, and others are for my Etsy shop…or some combination there of. 

Koala lovey
Pokemon scarf
Pokeball gloves
Pokeball coasters


Spa/Bath Set
Blanket Buddy
Apple Coasters
Microbes Set 1
Microbes set 2
Cat toys
Bunny slippers
Flower barrettes
Fibro spa items
Chicken Clutch
Shark hat
Shark Sandals
Shark Scarf
Chum the Shark
Shark Gloves
Shark Bag
amigurumi monster
Amigurumi Monster
Asymmetrical Scarf
Cobblestone Cap
Sweet ‘n Sassy Cowl