Crochet Resources

What site would be complete without a list of resources? These are some of my favourite sites for learning, patterns, and all things crochet! I will be updating this list periodically. If you have a resource or know of a resource you would like to see added, drop me an email!

Learning to Crochet

  • Oombawka Design – Tutorial library for a large number of stitches.
  • Crochet Ripple Patterns from The Crochet Project
  • Ribbing Tutorial from My Hobby is Crochet
  • Free Crochet Tutorials
  • Learn to Crochet by Graph
  • How to Crochet Amigurumi
  • BHooked Crochet – Tutorials, free patterns, and a crochet podcast.
  • Planned Yarn Transition – This is a bit of an advanced tutorial on how to control where your colours fall using the various cake yarns. She has a number of other tutorials that many will find useful.
  • Planned Pooling – I didn’t even know this was a thing, but it’s how you make those cool argyle patterns with variegated yarn. I actually thought that there was some magic or voodoo involved.
  • Crochet in the Car – This is an awesome resource page for anyone learning to crochet. At first I thought it was going to be a spammy sort of link when it was sent to me, because it’s hosted on the TitleMax website, but it is a crochet goldmine. Thank you Diane and Alexa for sending this to me.

Places to get Free Patterns

  • All Free Crochet
  • Amigurumi to Go – Both free and paid patterns
  • Craftsy – Both paid and free patterns. You have to dig for the free ones.
  • Crochet at Play – The cool thing about their pattern directory is they have a new featured pattern each day!
  • Crochet Pattern Central – Very large and comprehensive directory of free patterns from all over the web.
  • Drops Design – Yarn Company
  • Free Patterns – Requires free membership to download patterns.
  • Issuu – There is a nice collection of patterns, newsletters, and e-magazines dedicated to crochet here. Some you can download, others you have to read on line.
  • Lion Brand Yarn – A lot of yarn companies offer free patterns, but Lion Brand is probably the most popular.
  • Ravelry – Both free and paid patterns and probably the most popular pattern site.
  • The Yarn Box
  • Yarnspiration – 1000+ free patterns
  • Repeat Crafter Me – Not only are there lovely free patterns on this site, but a ton of crockpot recipes. Crochet and food. What else could you as for (other than a cat or two)?
  • Purple Magic – Lots of patterns and crochet magazine back issues to look through. (Note: Site does take a bit to come up and you may get a ‘page can not be found’ error. Give it a minute if that happens. The page is there.)
  • Krawka – There are both free and paid patterns on this site. The great thing about the patterns are they run on the unusual side. Want a zombie bear? Look no further.
  • The Duchess’ Hands – This isn’t just a crochet only blog, but it’s well organized and the patterns are easy to find.
  • Busting Stitches – There are a lot patterns here for kids.
  • Just be Crafty – I never realized how many of her patterns I have pinned to make until I went through her catalog. If you also knit, she has patterns for that as well.
  • Spin a Yarn Crochet – Has some adorable patterns up. You can also purchase a number of them in PDF format for ease.
  • Snappy Tots – Both free and paid patterns of awesome quality. Probably one of my favourite designers
  • Croyden Crochet – If you want print friendly versions, she offers them through her Etsy store for a small price.
  • Left in Knots – How did I forget to add this site months ago? I have most of her patterns bookmarked.
  • Yarn Companies that have Free Patterns – Oombawka Designs Crochet has put together a directory of yarn companies that offer free patterns. Be sure to check out rest of the website while you are there!
  • – This is the website of the author of Creepy Cute Crochet. She has a number of the projects up on the site for free that didn’t make the cut for book because of space.

Crochet for Business

  • Cre8tion – Tips for running a business, free patterns and more.
  • Crochet Business – Tips for running a business and blog.
  • Yarn Obsession – Offers some great advice to keep your business running.
  • My Craft Assistant – This blog offers great advice for selling on Etsy (which is why I put it under business links), but it also offers crafting ideas of all types.
  • Posh Patterns – Lots of helpful Etsy information.
  • Etsy Business from Everything Etsy – This site not only has a ton of resources for running an Etsy business, there are printables to jazz up your finished items and Ikea hacks.

Blogs I Like

Some Interesting Articles on the Legalities of Fan Art (this pertains to the crocheting of licensed characters)

Misc. Craft/DIY Blogs

Crochet for Charity

Giving to charity doesn’t always mean giving money. Sometimes your time and a bit of yarn is all you need. Yes, there are a a number of charities that you can crochet or knit highly sought after items.

Each country has their own logo for this Octopus for a Preemie.
Please visit the website linked to the logo for information
relevant to your country.

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