Pattern: Embossed Shell Headband/Earwarmers

I never thought that this project was going to get finished. It has quite the story.

I came across a pin for the stitch pattern on the left and decided I just had to learn how to do it. Naturally, because nothing is ever simple, the pin took me to a YouTube tutorial…in Spanish. I will admit that I remember very little Spanish from my high school Spanish class so I can’t even begin to tell anyone what Liliana (the lady who made the tutorial) is talking about. I have said at least a half dozen times I don’t learn well from YouTube tutorials because I have to keep stopping them and going back and it’s just all rather painful. However, I didn’t give up and wrote down everything I did as I did it. I even took a few okay pictures (I am willing to pay in cookies anyone who wants to take photos for me). A few hours later I had succeeded in duplicating this pattern.

Now I wanted to make something with it, and I wanted to use one of my Caron Cakes.

5 repeats of the pattern later I decided I hated it as a scarf, and I hated it in the Caron Cake colours even more. It all got frogged. I thought that maybe it was the yarn that made me hate it. Tried another yarn. Nope. Still hated it. Decided it would work better as a headband.

The thing with the headband is that it’s wide enough to also be used as ear warmers in cooler weather…at least how I made it with a 5.00 mm hook and Lilly’s Sugar ‘n Cream yarn. Feel free to change this to your desired hook and yarn. If you need to increase the stitches, you will need to increase them in groups of 10.

The pattern follows (it is untested so there may be mistakes), or if you would rather a PDF to work from and write all over, it can be purchased in my store. If you have any questions about the pattern please feel free to contact me. I’m more than willing to answer questions and help out.



Worsted weight yarn (I used Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream)
Size H (5mm) crochet hook
Tapestry Needle


Chain 67

Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from hook (counts as first DC). DC across. Chain 3. Turn

Row 2: DC in 2nd chain from hook (counts as first DC). DC in next 2 stitches, *chain 2. Skip 2 stitches, DC across 8 stitches*. Repeat from * 6 times. DC in last 3 stitches



Row 3: Chain 3. *In chain 2 space: 3 DC, CH2, 3DC. Chain 10.* Repeat from * 6 times.  Chain 3. SC in top of last stitch from previous row. Turn.



Row 4: From the back, DC in the two empty stitches from after the turn. *Chain 2. DC in each of the 8 empty stitches* Repeat from * 6 times. Chain 2. DC in last two remaining empty stitches. SC to top of chain 3 stitch in front row.  Chain 3. Turn.


Note: If you can’t find the first of the 8 stitches to work after the chain two, push the shell stitch you just worked past out of the way, they sometimes cover that first stitch on top of the first post.

Row 5: This row is going to be worked going through both the front row and the back row stitching them together at the top of the shells.

 *3 DC, CH2, 3DC in the chain 2 at the top of the shell and the chain 2 behind the shell. Chain 7* Repeat from * 6 times. DC at top of chain 3 from last stitch CH 3. Turn.

Row 6: Repeat row 4.

Row 7: Row is worked the same as row 5, going through both the front and back rows of stitches. *3DC, CH2, 3DC. Chain 4.* Repeat from * 6 times

Row 8: Repeat row 4

Row 9: Repeat row 5

Row 10: Repeat row 4

Row 11: Row is worked the same as row 5 through both the front and back rows. *3DC, chain 2 3DC in chain 2 space. Chain 5. Loop your hook from front to back through the loose chains from the previous rows and secure them together with a slip stitch. Chain 5.* Repeat from * 6 times.

Row 12: Repeat row 4

Row 13: DC in second chain from hook. DC in next. *DC in next stitch working through both rows. This stitch is going to be the one before the chain 2 space in the shell and in the back row. Chain 2. Skip 2 stitches (these are going to be the chain 2 in the back row and the chain two at the top of the shell). DC in next stitch through both the front and back rows. DC 6 across. Repeat from * to end of row double crocheting in last two stitches. Chain 3. Turn.

Row 14: DC in second chain from hook. DC across. Chain 1. Turn

Row 15: SC across

Fold in half where you are working from the back side and single crochet ends together. Finish off.  Alternately you can finish off at the end of row 15 leaving a long tail for stitching the headband together. Weave in ends.

Turn headband right side out.


Headband Middle Band

Chain 17

Row 1:  SC in second chain from hook and across. Chain 1. Turn.

Rows 2 – 7: SC across. Chain 1. Turn

Row 8: SC across. Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.


Bunch of center of headband at seam. Wrap middle around it and sew ends together. Adjust center band where the seam is on the inside of the headband. Use a couple stitches to hold in place and finish off. Weave in ends.

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