My Crochet Week in Review

It’s been a difficult week fibromylagia wise. Several weeks I had a pretty bad dizzy spell and fell. I injured my bad wrist (I have both carpal tunnel and tendinitis in it from about 7 years of playing flute while in school). Since then I have been a bit out of sorts and sleeping a lot. Between “naps” I have been working on a few things…just not this website, unfortunately.

I have worked on a few things between sleep. First, I want to share a few patterns that I found this week that I got rather excited about.

First up is this Magikarp pattern from Mei Li Studios. I know what you are thinking. “There’s at least 101 different patterns for Magikarp on the net. What makes this one so special?”

Well…according to the Pokedex, Magikarp goes 2 feet 11 inches. This pattern makes one that is life-sized! I am not sure it’s going to take 22 lbs of stuffing (I can’t even imagine 22 lbs of stuffing), but it would be perfect for a pillow. I am in sudden need of all the orange yarn!  Is anyone else wondering how large this would be if it were crocheted out of blanket yarn?  Seriously, every Magikarp fan needs one of these. I’m not kidding.

Indulge my obsessive love of Halloween for a moment and appreciate how cute these crochet spiders are from Sky Magenta. This is probably the cutest spider ever. The pattern even comes with the web pattern, because you can’t have a spider without a web. It’s a crime against nature.




Lastly, there is this crochet bee that I found over in StorylandAmis’ Etsy shop. It’s not often you find a bee that is large enough to cuddle. That is what makes this one perfect. That and the fact that it’s so bloody cute!






Now for what I have been working on. I need to add a disclaimer here and say that I really do need to have at least a half dozen projects going at once. I joined two holiday crochet alongs. I actually thought that I had imagined the second and then proceeded to forget about it until an email showed up in my inbox.

I joined these because I have never participated in a crochet along and I thought it would be a good way to step out of my comfort zone and make things that I wouldn’t normally make. So far so good.

The first, The 2017 Holiday Stashdown, is hosted by Underground Crafter. The CAL started Sept 4 and for 17 weeks offers up a different pattern each week. Projects for Week 1 and Week 2 are done.

Cobblestone Cap
Sweet ‘n Sassy Cowl

Both of these were made from the same yarn. It only looks different because of lighting. The yarn was something I discovered I still had 5 skeins of when I started unpacking things that had sat in storage for 3 years.  Probably 4 years or so ago, Bernat put out a limited edition cotton yarn for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with part of the proceeds going to the Susan J. Komen Foundation. I ended up buying a lot of it – being limited edition and not knowing what I was going to do with it. It’s working out great for these one skein projects since I don’t have to worry about if I am going to have enough.

The second crochet a long I joined is the 12 Weeks of Christmas CAL. The Week 1 project is a cute Frosty the Snowman placemat that I don’t really have enough done to show off. It currently looks like red crochet strip. Not very exciting.

I found a crochet stitch pattern that I absolutely had to learn to do. There were two problems.

  1. There were no written directions. It was explained in a YouTube video
  2. …in Spanish.

I spent the better part of a day watching this video and trying to duplicate it. Then I wrote down what I did. Now I am trying to turn it into an infinity scarf. I’m using one of my Caron Cakes. Hopefully I will have this done by the end of the week and a pattern up for it. I won’t lie. I mostly wanted to make something out of one of the cakes.

I do have blogs planned for this week again so stay tuned.


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