Book Review: Amigurumi Monsters

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As promised, today I review Amigurumi Monsters. If you crochet, you have probably seen this book, or all the patterns from it, all over your Pintrest feed. You are either curious and have visited amigurumipatterns,net to check it out or you are sick of seeing it. So, does the book live up to the hype?

Amigurumi Monsters contains 15 patterns by 15 different crochet designers. Apparently there was a contest where people voted what monsters were going to go into the book. I wish I had been around for that; I am curious about the ones that didn’t make it. The monsters that made it into the book are really cute in a weird monster kind of way.

amigurumi monsterI have already crocheted up a monster from this book. He has a few minor problems that are easy enough to correct the next time around. This is either Jeepers or Creepers. I don’t know which one he (or she) wants to be.

My complaints are the same complaints that I have with nearly every other crochet book and pattern. I would like to know the techniques that people use to do things like do embroidery work on their designs (I need all the help I cant get), and directions like “sew feet to back of tail” is a little too vague. I ended up sewing the back feet on a little to far back. The thing is, these kind of things seem to be accepted as okay in patterns so I can’t really criticize a book for it. I can be surprised, though, when these things are included.

The next two monsters on my list to make are the one with three eyeballs (because you can never have enough eyeballs) and the one with it’s tongue sticking out.

Other than that, Amigurumi Monsters is awesome. It comes in both book form and digital e-book form. It’s well written, directions are easy to follow. There are lots of colourful pictures (many are illustrations for what you are doing which is awesome). A lot of creativity went into creating the patterns in this book. Many of the techniques used across the book could easily be put to work to design your own monster.

Anyone who has gotten sucked into the crochet monster fad, really needs this book in their library. Actually, anyone that knows a kid that loves crochet toys needs this book because these monsters would make awesome gifts. Some of them I am convinced would make awesome pillows made from chunky blanket yarn.

Now go forth, and crochet all the monsters!

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