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I had full intentions of featuring Left in Knots last week but I managed to muck up the blogging schedule.

My relationship with Megan’s blog is a weird one. Remember how I discovered that I have done two round ups featuring bookmarks? Both times her Harry Potter scarves ended up on the round ups. It’s actually the only pattern that I put in both. What can I say? I like them and obviously feel that everyone else, especially Harry Potter fans, should like them as well.

From there I kept finding myself on her blog looking at the same three scaf patterns over, and over, and over because I am in love with the colours. In fact, the colours are what make these scarves stand out and become memorable.








Recognize the Caron Cakes colours? Until I seen these scarves it was easy for me to walk by the Caron Cakes in Michaels and ignore them. Honestly, prior to moving, I can’t even tell you where the Caron Cakes were in the Michael’s store that I shopped at. I know, I know, blasphemy! It’s the truth. I honestly don’t remember seeing them…ever…and I was in there quite frequently. These things came out, what? nearly a year ago?  These scarves are what possessed me, after spending time looking at then every few days for probably the last month, to break down and try out Caron Cakes. These scarves were, for me, the worst form of peer pressure. They taunted me constantly saying “Look at the awesome things you can make with this yarn if only you would use acrylic yarn!” My inner non-conformist tree hugging hippy caved. 3 different cakes of yarn at the store turned into me visiting the Michael’s website and buying 4 more colours that they didn’t have in the local store, and you know if you order on line you can only buy them in groups of 3 (2 for the big cakes). I have a lot of yarn on the way that I have no idea where to store. Despite having 5 projects in the works, I had to start on the Open-Air Market Scarf to try out my new yarn. I probably want to make most of her scarves.

Thanks, Megan. You are a bad influence. I want you to know that.

Seriously, I really like the crochet patterns found on the Left in Knots website. They look awesome and are suitable for any skill level. There are crochet patterns for scarves and hats and afghans and toys and practical household items. Did I mention they are all free?  She even has an informative series on teaching crochet.

Oh…and there is the Fallen Arrows Afghan that was a C2C CAL earlier in the year. If you have never done C2C crochet (which I haven’t) there are video and written tutorials on how to do it. I love the colours of this blanket! This may be the thing that gets me finally learning how to do C2C crochet. It’s been on my bucket list for a while.

I love when someone comes along that inspires me to try new things and broaden my horizons. Megan and the Left in Knots website have done that. Now, if no one minds, i would like to get back to my Caron Cakes and scarf…


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