The WIP Wednesday of a Cat Owner

Is there anyone else who works on more than one project at once? I can’t be the only one. I refuse to believe it. Today I have some crap-tastic pictures for everyone. But first…

Furls Crochet is giving away 11 free patterns for a limited time for signing up for their newsletter. I found out about it on Instagram and wanted to pass the info along. Click here for info.

Now, back to the WIPs. I am considering doing the Frog or Finish thing and pulling out the shark pillow I started with the blanket yarn. It’s been a bit since I picked it up and I forgot where I left off. I find counting on blanket yarn hard. I really need to get in the habit of leaving notes on things with what row and number I am on.

There is probably 12 skeins of yarn on the table there. Urz is laying on more than half of them. I haven’t decided if this is his way of helping or if yarn is comfy. Maybe this is his way of hoarding the yarn like a dragon. He also likes chewing on the handles of my Tulip Etimo hooks.

(Side note for anyone wondering – that is Ruby Red Rose with Grapefruit wine. It tastes like an alcoholic grapefruit. I don’t normally drink but I wanted to try it because it looked interesting. If you like grapefruit I highly recommend if you can find it. And no, I am not drinking it out of the Deadpool glass. Yes, that is a naked Barbie butt. I hope that isn’t considered porn or NSFW. I have her for reasons and she’s naked because she was in storage for three years and needed a bath. I still need to clean her clothes.)

Speaking of cats, and WIPs, this is the current WIP of a couple of my cats. They are trying to destroy it. This used to be neat and organized. Then one of the cats figured out how to open the doors and this happened. Now on any given day I can leave the room and come back 5 minutes later and there are at least a dozen yarns on the floor and a cat playing in them. Sigh. I am not looking forward to rewinding things and reorganizing. This is why I keep the “good yarn” in a basket on craft table or up high in a bookcase. For those wondering, 98% of that is Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream. There are a handful of skeins of Lion Brand 24/7 in there, left over Debbie Norville Everyday Yarn from the shark hat (will be made into shark slippers when I get back to that), and my second skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn, and my DMC Petra threads.

Now, on to the actual  projects.

The Virus/Granny Shawl is coming along (crap-tastic picture #1).

The colour is so washed out in the lighting, and I didn’t even have the flash on. UGH! I am using Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim DK yarn for this in mint. 

Huge difference between the picture I took and the ball of yarn there. At least everyone can see how pretty the yarn really is. I love this yarn and was really excited to find out that there is a wool version. I am going to have to visit my local yarn store and see if they have it and check it out. Anyway, I am nearly finished with the first section of the “granny” part and getting ready to move on to the second virus section. This is going to be done long before Christmas. Now the question is whether to mail it off early.

Now for crap-tastic picture #2. I realized that last week I didn’t bother to show a picture of the mala beads I was working on. I am going to be picking up smaller spacer beads and finishing the necklace this weekend. I decided that I do need to go with the 15mm beeds between each of these. I will probably be adding one of these necklaces to the store.



This was posted to instagram yesterday. I am working on this cute pangolin for a friend of mine. I’m using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Terra Firma Ombre. The tail scales are done and now it’s time to move on to the body. The crocodile stitch used for the scales isn’t hard to do, it’s just really awkward and takes a bit of getting used to. It’s nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Originally I was going to practice the stitch by making these crocodile stitch hearts I found on Pintrest. Yea, that didn’t happen. The pattern was in a YouTube tutorial in Spanish. I tried and grew very frustrated. I envy all of you out there who can learn from YouTube tutorials. They make me want to throw things and scream. Doesn’t matter what language they are in. I don’t know if it’s a function of how I learn (I do very well with written directions) or a function of the fibro or both.

I just started on this wrap from Highland Hickory Designs so there isn’t much to show. I am on like row 2. I would be further but when I got to the end of row 3 I realized that my stitch count was off and had to rip it out and start over. I am using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn in Black, White, and Overcast for it. It’s starting to get chilly out and I am hoping to have a few different wraps and shawls done for me to choose from. Wish me luck in getting them done. I might end up finding 5 other things to work on and just have a huge stack of unfinished objects laying around for Urz to sleep on.

So, what is everyone working on this week? Any cat problems to report?

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