Crochet Round Up: Monster Edition

Today’s round up is all about monsters. Crochet monsters seem to be the trend right now. I’m not sure if it’s because Halloween is coming up or because monsters don’t really need to look like anything. As long as you have some sort of body and face, you can make it as scary or cute as you want and call it a monster. It’s a great way to to start crocheting and seeing what you come up with and just let your creativity run amok. Grab your crochet hook and some and let’s get started.

It’s been a long day for me with little sleep so please bare with me here and forgive me if there isn’t the usual commentary.

I don’t much consider the Loch Ness Monster a monster. I guess lake (or loch) serpents are monsters. Anyway, this Loch Ness Monster is adorable. Sometime I need to get together a round up of all the cryptid patterns I’ve come across.

There is also a Loch Ness Monster Lovey pattern out there as well. You are never to young or old to love lake monsters.



Mini Monsters. I don’t know why, but I envision these guys as the minions of a larger monster that is living under the bed. The larger monster sends out these smaller minions to steal socks and other small random items. These are the guys that have taken all those things you find when cleaning under the bed and you say “I was wondering where this went.” Those things are monster treasure. These little guys have to do that kind of work because the main monster is busy casting creepy shadows and making weird noises. He (or she) doesn’t have time to accumulate their own treasure without helpers. That’s my story and I am sticking too it.

This Monsters Inc scarf speaks for itself. It’s a pretty ingenious idea and I almost want to crochet one up. If only I wore scarves…






Love Bug Monsters because monsters need love too. Or they want to give you their love. Or they want to show you how scary and fluffy love is. Or what a monster fuzzy yarn is to crochet with. It’s one of those. Maybe all of them.




I am really feeling this idea. It’s a pattern to design your own monster pillow. Such a cool idea. A personalized monster just for your, or to give as a gift. If someone made me one of these I would treasure it forever. I want one that looks like the monster that lives under my bed…wait, that’s a cat. Never mind…



Let me share with you the description of Javier, the monster hunting monster, the designer wrote, it’s far better than anything that I could come up with.

Javier is a pudgy and fun-loving monster who is in need of a friend like you. His favorite activities include croquet, dancing the hokey pokey, and beating up those pesky monsters under the bed. He has the best table manners and enjoys fine tea and crumpets. He’s just the right size to cuddle up with and share your pillow at night, or to lend you that extra bit of courage to make the final jump and not land in the lava.


Say hello to Lotty, Spotty, and Dotty. No, I don’t know which is which. Does it matter? I love the eyeballs and toes on these guys and/or girls. With monsters it’s hard to tell. There isn’t much sexual dymorphism. They are totally adorable. I also feel as if all three must be made because one of them would be lonely without the other two.




It’s one of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are. I’ve not read that book in forever. Me thinks it’s time for a cookies, juice, and a bed time story.



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