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You know how when you go to the store you flip through a magazine to see what is in it before you purchase it? You can’t really do that with online magazine. I’ve said at least once or twice that I am am every so slightly annoyed that I Love Crochet Magazine is more of a website subscription than a magazine. With say, Simply Crochet, you have a digital magazine that you flip digital pages. You download the magazine and it’s yours to keep even if you end your subscription. With I love Crochet it’s not like that. You have to navigate a webpage. There is no PDF file. The upside is you get access to everything ever put on the site, which means every “back issue”. If you don’t mind this, I Love Crochet is pretty awesome.

So, back to not being able to preview online magazines. I’m going to show a few things that can be found in the October issue of I Love Crochet. I’m not going to show everything because we would all be here forever with 28 new patterns this month.

This is called a wheel stitch. For the life of me I don’t recall if I have ever seen it before. I know I’ve not learned to do it. This month there is a tutorial on making the wheel stitch as well as a pattern for a baby sweater using the stitch.

As a side note, when magazines introduce new stitches, why do they usually add a pattern for something for a baby with the new stitch? Not everyone has babies, or a baby they can make things for. Is it because the projects are smaller? I would rather end up with a few dozen scarves or shawls. At least those I can give to people for presents.

I might try and make up some wash cloths with this stitch to learn it. That dark turquoise (or whatever you call that colour) has me sold on learning this. Can someone send me that yarn colour in bulk?

The October issue is all about autumn. Seasonal themed magazines must really suck for people who live in the other hemisphere. I was thinking that it might be too warm for this sweater, but it is made from wool so maybe not. I’ve written before about the wonders of wool. This sweater is the ideal thing to test that out on.

The colours are meant to remind one of the colours of the fall leaves and is made from a camel stitch. I need to look this one up. I’ve never heard of the camel stitch (I feel like I live under a rock today). It’s made from Garnstudio Drops Nepal yarn from the UK. I  did a Google search to see how hard it would be to track down this yarn. Nordic Mart (not an affiliate link) has it in their online store, in stock, and at a very reasonable price.  The yarn is a wool blend (Peruvian Highland wool and alpaca) and untreated (not moth proofed). 100% natural fiber for the win! If the colours used in the pattern aren’t for you, Drops Nepal has 30+ other colours to choose from.

Denver Sunset Shawl. Look at all the colours! I was wondering what yarn this was made out of and how many different colours I would have to buy to make it. It’s Lion Brand Landscapes yarn. Every time I go into Michael’s or A.C. Moore I am looking at this yarn. I love the colours! Why haven’t I bought it? It’s acrylic yarn. Seriously, someone could make a drinking game out of going through every post on this site and taking a drink every time I say I don’t like acrylic yarn. On the upside this shawl would be around as a heirloom of sorts where future generations can enjoy all the pretty colours. And yes, I realize I am seriously limiting myself and missing out by avoiding man made fibers.


An October magazine wouldn’t be complete without something Halloween-y. I told my friend over at The Crafty Gamers that we needed to find a baby just where I could make this for someone. Every time we find a cute baby item we are always saying, “We need a baby.”

It doesn’t get any more awesome than this bat outfit. I need a baby! Does anyone have a baby that needs this? Anyone? Where are all the babies? I think this outfit should be the Halloween baby trend for this year.

I enjoy Halloween a little too much. My inner Goth looks forward to all the Halloween items hitting the stores and the Halloween store opening in the mall. You will have to forgive me. Seriously though, can I make this for anyone?

Those are the three patterns I am excited for in this issue of I Love Crochet. If these aren’t your thing there are 25 other patterns including a jack-o-lantern bib, 9 scars/cowls/shawls to pick from, along with hats, cardigans, afghans and more. Remember, you also get access to every “issue” of I Love Crochet. Click the current cover for subscription information!


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