Wrangling Unicorns: Crochet Round Up

I assume we can wrangle unicorns. If we can’t, we can at least crochet them. Before we get started here, I will admit that I feel like I am repeating a topic here that has been done at least 100 times. I wanted to be funny and start this round up off with Lucky the Goat from Despicable Me 3 who is technically a unigoat but Agnes swears he’s a unicorn. Sadly, I couldn’t find a pattern for Lucky, so we will have to deal with other more unicorn looking unicorns. Even though there are a metric ton of crochet unicorn round ups out there, I promise this one will be different…

As a person who is always cold, no matter what the temperature, I am all for this hooded unicorn blanket. ¬†It’s made with two strands of super bulky yarn so I assume it’s going to be warm. There are also directions included on how to turn the hood portion into a cowl. (Queue Billy Mays) That’s two patterns for the price of one! Both the cowl and blanket come in child and adult (or very large child) sizes. Visit MJ’s Off the Hook Designs on Ravlery to be the unicorn!



Here’s another idea to stay warm and dress up like a unicorn. This hooded scarf, or scoodie (that is such a fun word to say), comes with pockets to store snacks in (because snacks) is by The Lady Behind the Curtain. The pattern is child size, but one could easily adjust it for an adult.

I can hear someone now saying, “What kind of adult would wear something like this?” Why, one that believes in unicorns! Who said we had to give up fun things just because we became adults, gained responsibility, and had children? Being an adult is hard, we should be allowed to do and wear fun things too!

Another suggestion, change the pink to purple and I bet boys would love this too. Who says unicorns are just for little girls?

This unicorn headband can be found on Ravlery. I really think that these could become a fun trend. Suddenly I wish that all of my headbands didn’t end up broken or lost, now that I have a pattern to turn them into something totally cool. There is always the dollar store.





I suddenly want to make a bunch of these unicorn cup cozies and go into Starbucks and start passing them out. It’s going to be really hard to look and be pretentious while drinking your triple grande half-caf two-pump vanilla two-pump hazelnut half-soy half-nonfat 1.5 Splenda latte with a unicorn cup cozy. Just sayin’. I’m pretty sure it would also make the barista laugh.




This African flower unicorn pattern isn’t really a unicorn, it’s a horse with a horn. The horse pattern was designed by Heidi Bears and a unicorn horn was added by some innovated ¬†person who wanted a unicorn. This is fine and all, but I was actually expecting a unicorn pattern, not a horse pattern where I have to either guess, or look up on google or pintrest, how make a horn the right size and proportion where the other unicorns don’t get horn envy.




What happens when your unicorn starts hanging out with the wrong crowd? You get this Rockstar Unicorn. Honestly, I feel this unicorn screams Iggy Pop and The Ramones more than it does The Rolling Stones. Maybe when Mad Fruit named it they were thinking more 80’s hair metal. I could so see the guys from Poison having a unicorn like this.

I just had a thought, the colours could be changed to black and greys and you could have an death metal unicorn. That would be totally cool. A unicorn that Deathklok could be proud of.

There are two types of people reading this, those that have no idea what I am talking about and just googled Deathklok, and those that are thinking that would be a totally awesome idea. Anyone that has spent any amount of time on this blog knows by now, you never know what you are going to get from me. I gave up long ago trying to have one of those nice, professional, serious blogs back on probably the 7th post. Go make your death metal unicorn, give it a spiked collar and go listen to some Gojira.

Remember the Pillow Pet craze? I had a dolphin that I used to use to prop up my bad wrist/arm while sleeping until my dog and cat decided they needed it more. You try wrestling a comfortable pillow away from one of your pets and see how guilty you feel afterward.

Anyway, now you can make a pillow pet unicorn in whatever colours you want. I’ve seen patterns floating around for other pillow pet animals, but you can start with this one. You can even make a death metal pillow pet for your death metal unicorn to sleep on.

Did I mention that today’s blog post has been fueled by too much sugar and caffeine?

Das Einhorn! I was actually yelling “Das Einhorn” at a friend of mine and she was wondering 1. what I was talking about and 2. what was wrong with me. Face it, it’s easy to say anything in German and make it sound angry. Especially if you yell it. German is just like that. Einhorn actually translates to “one horn”. Makes more sense than the word unicorn if you think about it. Uni = one. Corn = corn. What kind of corn? An ear? A kernel? Popcorn? No idea where we get ‘horse with a single horn on it’s head’ from ‘unicorn’. No wonder English is so hard to learn.

Back to Das Einhorn. This is a really cute unicorn. If you are feeling really adventurous and want to try and decipher a German pattern, this is the unicorn for you! Sorry, it doesn’t come in English. My suggestion, make friends with a cute German and have them translate the pattern for you.

Last but not least is this unicorn from Little Yarn Friends. I have to share this one because it’s the first unicorn pattern I came across when I started scouring the web for crochet patterns. I would feel bad if I left it out. You never forget your first unicorn.

So, which one of these unicorns are you going to make first?



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