Crochet Kryptonite

What a title. I know. This was supposed to be the WIP Wednesday post but it’s a bit late (well, it’s still before midnight on the other coast).

Let’s start with yet another update on the Tidal Wave Shawl. If any of you follow me on Instagram you have already seen these pictures.

Yes, it’s been frogged yet again. No idea what happened but 12 rows from being done it was like at least a foot longer than it needed to be and was at least 6 inches shorter width wise than it was supposed to be. I’m having flashbacks of piano lessons when, after a month, my piano teacher gave up trying to teach me The Star Spangled Banner. I could play pieces considered harder but that song was my kryptonite. I wouldn’t have been able to play it if my life had depended on it. I’m starting to feel this way about this shawl. At least the cats had fun helping frog it.

Now I get to start over…again.

The virus shawl is coming along I’m on the first portion of the granny stitch part of it. It’s a much more complicated project than the Tidal Wave Shawl, but I am having much more luck with it. Go figure.

I have also started on some Mala Beads, or Buddhist Prayer Beads. They are a necklace of 108 beads plus a guru and/or a tassel used for meditation. I found the pattern in an older issue of Simply Crochet (Issue 15) that had all kinds of cool things in it for yoga.

This particular set was designed with the 7 chakra colours. Or at least it’s supposed to be. I am going to have to make some colour modifications because the colours just aren’t right. The colours used in the pattern ┬ádo not match the commonly accepted chakra colours.

I love that this is a magazine from the UK and they have different standard sized wood beads than we do in the US. My main beads are going to be a size larger than the directions and the smaller beads are going to be a size smaller.

I run into this all the time, not being able to find something that a pattern calls for. I always wonder what craft god I need to make a sacrifice to in order to get access to the same stuff that pattern designers do.

The Mala beads may or may not end up in the shop. I haven’t decided yet. I did show them to a friend of mine who suggested I make nursing beads for the store. I am considering it.

I went looking for a crochet pattern of Buddha and found one that I really like. I just wish I could find a pattern of Ganesha that I like.

I am having a deal of trouble deciding what to put in the store. I mean, I know what I want in there, it’s just it has to be made and there are so many things I want to make, and have decided to make for holiday presents this year, I am starting to feel overwhelmed but it all. Plus there is this huge two day craft fair I want to do in the spring and that means I have to make a ton of stuff to take, and I am trying to decide on that as well. I need time to make everything. I would love more hours in the day but I would probably just use them for sleeping.

The weather here has sucked so bad for anyone with fibromyalgia, (however it’s not even a fraction as bad as it does in Huston right now), and all I want to do is sleep.

In other news, I was on the library website and discovered I hadn’t used the monthly allotment that I am given for e-books a month. I still had 15 books that I could check out this month and you know what? I couldn’t find 15 crochet books. I found 7. The library needs more crochet books.

What is everyone working on this week?

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