Aug 27, 2017: End of Week Crochet Favs

We all come across crochet projects and patterns where we say “I have to make that!”. It’s easy to do when going through Pintrest. Well, I decided to start sharing my favourites from the week every Sunday. Maybe you missed these. Maybe you just want to see what someone else considers “must make”. Maybe you just want to see if you made the list or see just how weird I really am. Make sure to check back every Sunday for the new list!

week of 8-27 fav projects

A Bigfoot applique. Seriously. This is my absolute favourite pattern I have seen this week…month…forever… and comes from The Rusted Pansy. I know, I know, it’s a strange one and probably something that few people have a use for, but this is totally genius! I was thinking it could also be done in white for the Abominable Snowman or Yeti. I love me some cryptids. As a kid I was devastated to learn I couldn’t go to college and get a degree in crytopzoology. If I could have, my life would have taken a very weird turn. I wonder what kind of fiber/wool Bigfoot would give…Anyway, this has given me an idea. You are just going to have to stay tuned to see what it is. Meanwhile, crochet Bigfoot appliques for everything!

Not a huge fan of YouTube tutorials (especially for crochet) and would much rather have a written pattern but I love this pigeon from Design Peek. I also love that it’s called a pigeon and not a dove simply because the dove is one of 46 breeds of pigeon. When people think pigeon they think of annoying scavenger birds running off with french fries. Doves invoke visions of peace, and weddings, and religious things but at the end of the day, it’s just a white pigeon. Not sure why pigeons get such a bad rap either. They are one of the smartest birds and one of the few animals that can pass a mirror test and recognize it’s own reflection. Before I continue to share all kinds of “useless facts” about pigeons, I better get on about this crochet project. As they are they would make rather nice table centerpieces for a wedding or if you are feeling ambitious, you can look up other pigeon colours and have at it. If you can find an old carrier pigeon cage in a thrift store or antique store, it would make an interesting display for your crocheted feathered friends here.

I came across this stick horse¬†from CreaChick while looking for horse heads I could use for crochet taxidermy. Fair warning, this crochet pattern is in Dutch and will need to be sent through Google Translate. I honestly think I just like torturing myself with patterns in a different language. I am sure crochet patterns look like hieroglyphs to those that don’t crochet, and it’s probably worse when in a non-native language. Anyway, do kids even play with stick horses anymore? Let me guess, they have an app on their phone for one, Virtual Stick Horse (If anyone develops that it was my idea and I expect some kind of royalties, just sayin’). I have seen a few other stick horse patterns, but this one is seriously the nicest and I think is going to worth struggling with a Dutch pattern. Why couldn’t it be in German? I can read German! I almost wish I had little kids where I could make this as a Solstice/Christmas present.


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