Manic Monday: Yarn, Wool & Social Media

Anyone notice I didn’t post for the last few days?  I didn’t think so. XD. I’ve actually been  under the weather, and by that I mean coming down sick with shingles..

I have spent probably the last two years fighting what can only be called a chronic case of shingles. The irony is that I have been on 2 different antivirals for that time. No idea why my body decided that shingles needed to be the icing on the cake of every fibromylagia flare up, but I don’t appreciate it.

Anyway, the blogging schedule will now resume as scheduled. A few random things to blog about today.

First in anti-climatic blog news: I have updated the Google+ page in an attempt to use it. The blog should now be posting to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr when something goes up to let everyone know there is something to read. I am so horrible about keeping up with my social sites it’s not funny.

I also ordered a real camera so everyone will start seeing something other than phone pictures.

Now, on to other things.

I am somewhat disappointed. I have been trying to figure something that I can do for YouTube. There are a ton of tutorials out there and I really don’t think we need more and I am not one for doing video instructions. Nothing annoys me more than a “video pattern” or video instructions for anything because it means stopping videos and going back and re-watching and just no. I know some people love that stuff, but it does nothing but frustrate me. I can only imagine how much more frustrating making a video like that would be. I had the idea of starting with doing unboxing and reviews of Happy Yarn Mail from Sewerella. This is where my disappointment comes in.

I thought that Happy Yarn Mail would be fun, kind of like monthly Crochet Christmas. I love boxes of mystery stuff. I used to get excited over my Nature Box and then they decided that cinnamon needed to be in everything, and well, I like breathing. Cinnamon is contradictory to that. So, I checked out the one actual review that I found online and there was nothing good to be said about it. Now, one review where someone put out their own money over several months to review the product rather than be sent the first box for free for “review/promotion” holds a little more weight with me. Less likely to be unbiased. Still, I wanted to see for myself. I thought that this would be a fun way to add patterns to my stash, try new things that I wouldn’t normally pick out myself and maybe try out new yarns.

So, a trip over to the website where I quickly learn I can’t order it. It’s sold out. As more and more people learn about Happy Mail Yarn and want to check it out you would think that she would make arrangements to be able to send more boxes out. I quickly learned that it’s all made possible with a partnership from – I think it was Lion Brand yarn. I would think that the yarn company would be thrilled to sell more kits. Apparently there are only so many available and after they are gone, anyone else interested is out of luck. My disdain with acrylic yarn is well documented so it’s probably for the best for me that I wasn’t able to subscribe.

That still leaves me with no idea what to do with YouTube. I’m open for suggestions.

The yarn saga continues. A recap. A number of weeks ago I ordered some Australian Superfine Merino Wool from Joann’s that I planned on making a Christmas present out of. I have not mentioned what the present is just in case the person it is for reads my blog. After waiting two weeks for it to arrive it was the wrong colours. Turns out that the colours don’t show true on the web.

A bit of research and Nature Spun Sports Yarn from Brown Sheep in specific colours is actually recommended for the project. It’s a lightweight wool yarn. Sounded good. I ordered the yarn from Yarn Barn in Kansas. One of the few places I could find it. Awesome service, from them, by the way. I mean awesome service. 10/10. Would recommend. The Nature Spun yarn…not so much. I am seriously annoyed. The yarn is the proper colours, that isn’t my complaint. My complaint is with the yarn itself.

I just learned what makes wool yarn itchy. In fact, my hands started itching just from taking the yarn out of the box. Scratchy, itchy yarn is contradicted in people with fibromylagia. Seriously, we have enough sensory issues and certain fabrics are on the “No List” because of this. This yarn has made my No List. I don’t care how good the yarn is, this is the deal breaker.

It’s the chemicals used while dying to mothproof. There is such a huge difference in feel between mothproofed yarn and that that isn’t. The stuff that isn’t mothproofed is so much softer and pleasant to the touch. It invokes images of soft fluffy sheep.

Soft fluffy sheep

Mothproofed yarn, not so much. The pesticides that are used for mothproofing are mixed in during the dying process and don’t wash out…ever and they are listed with the EPA as “a mild irritant”. Chances are anyone that thinks they are allergic to wool is actually allergic to what was used to mothproof it. A lot of companies also use a sulfuric acid bath and drying process used to carbonize any vegetable matter (say grass) that may be in the wool that cause wool to be scratchy.

Here’s the thing about wool. It’s hypoallergenic. It’s naturally dust mite and bacterial resistant. There are very low number of people with an allergy to lanolin, and there is always some left in the wool to keep it supple. That’s different than an actual wool allergy though.

My current plan is to take this Nature Spun wool up to my local yarn shop and see if we can match the colours in an “acceptable” yarn. Now to figure out what to do with this stuff…


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