Crochet Round-Up: Bookmarks

Everyone gets to learn just how anal retentive I can be because today we are talking bookmarks.

When I started collecting bookmark patterns I was thinking two things. The first was about how as a kid I used to collect bookmarks. I have no idea what happened to all of them, but I had one of those heavy duty cardboard school boxes filled with them. You know, one of these things, only mine probably had some Star Wars scene on it. Everything I had at that time was either Star Wars or Garfield.

When you consider the size of bookmarks, you know that thing held a lot.

The second thing I was thinking was bookmarks could be made up quickly to put in my Etsy store when I was getting it started and didn’t know what to put in it.

The thing is, when i was picking bookmarks they had to meet my off kilter criteria which made finding them a bit harder than you would think.

  1. Nothing religious. I just really do any sort of religious symbols. It has nothing to do with what I do or do not believe. Just not my thing.
  2. No paperclip bookmarks. There are a lot of patterns for these out there. My reasoning behind this is if you aren’t careful paperclips can mess up book pages.
  3. Nothing that would potentially damage the binding of a book. This one is a little harder to meet because these are crochet things we are talking about and they are going to be thicker than normal bookmarks. I have irrationally tripped off line on people who I have seen opening books in such a way that would as much crease a binding. Needless to say people who know me don’t ask to borrow books from me to often.

After taking all this into consideration, then discovering that some of the patterns I wanted had been removed from the web, what was left that matched my aesthetic? Let’s take a look.

Let’s start with the bookmark patterns over at Heart, Hook, Home.





These guys are adorable. I am always one for cute animals, especially when they aren’t your “mainstream” bunnies, kitties, and puppies. Nothing wrong with bunnies, kitties and puppies but other animals need represented as well. Here we have a koala, a giraffe, and an elephant. She has some other bookmarks up as well, but these are my favourites. Thank you, Ashlea, for sharing such adorableness!

I will admit, this gecko is a little … twisted. It’s supposed to be a gecko that was smashed in a book. It makes me laugh. I actually started making this bookmark, and it’s laying in my box of crochet experiments. I didn’t bother to check to see what gauge hook to use (I love my 4 mm hook) or that fingering weight yarn was used. My gecko is quite large. As you can see by the picture, using fingering weight yarn puts a small amount of stress on the book. My gecko would probably do major damage. I wonder if I finished it if my cat would like a scarf…

There are some other bookmarks on Supergurumi as well that would be an awesome addition to any bookmark collection.

The snake is available for free, the fox and sheep are in the designers Ravelry store.

Whoever disagrees with me about the need for a Cthulhu bookmark is wrong. XD Seriously, this is a must have for any fan of H.P. Lovecraft. It can be used while reading your Locke & Key graphic novels. (That’s a related affiliate link and I highly recommend this graphic novel series. What is a post on bookmarks without at least one reading recommendation?)


We go from H.P Lovecraft and Cthulhu to Harry Potter. What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t want their house scarf as a bookmark, or the entire set by Left in Knots? If you are one of the few people living under a rock and haven’t found out your Hogwarts House yet, you can do so over at Pottermore. Anyone else from Hufflepuff? I really need to find a good pattern for a stuffed badger…



Going back to the world of squished book animal bookmarks is this cute Dachshund. My dog makes that same face when someone takes his blankets to be washed. The thing that really stuck out to me about this is that Dachshunds are long dogs and perfect for boomarks.

This should get you started with finding crochet boomarks where you never loose your place in a book again. If you want more bookmarks, be sure to check out and follow my Pintrest board. There are more there and I am always adding to it.


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