Fingerless Shark Gloves

After a good week of messing with these, I now have two right gloves…prototype shark and revised shark that the pattern was written from. Yes, my final shark has weird eyes that I sewed too close to the mouth so he’s a little “special”. As always I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn.

This is what I call Crocheting with Fibromylagia. It always turns out a little wonky. Seriously, you can look at my crochet projects and tell what I made during a fibro flare, and what I made while feeling well.

The revised pattern is so much better. I discovered while working on prototype shark that sewing the fins on and having to turn the glove right-side in (the opposite of inside out) really stretched it out of shape and it didn’t fully recover so I had to come up with a work around. I’m happy with the pattern now and it’s available in my Etsy shop. As with all shark merch, part of the proceeds go to shark conservation.

Now I should make myself a left glove…or I could just wear prototype shark upside down.


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