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I remember very clearly the day I started looking to see if there were crochet patterns on the web. I found so many free patterns, and I wanted to make so much of it. I was in crochet heaven. I said to myself, “This is awesome! I will never have to buy patterns!” Then I came across these jellyfish.

I did not want to sit at my desk in front of my computer screen crocheting. I considered copy/pasting the pattern into Word and printing it out, but formatting, especially with pictures, can be kind of a pain. Then there was the lack of printer ink at the time. I broke down and bought the pattern. Yes, the jellyfish were the first pattern I ever bought. I felt a little guilty about it when the pattern was available for free but I justified it by having a PDF of the pattern was a sanity saver for me. I could print it out (and risk my cat eating it) or use it on my tablet. Plus I was supporting an indie designer.

This was my introduction to One Dog Woof.

I have no idea where she got the name for the blog, maybe it was inspired by her dog. (If I had picked a name inspired by my cat it would have been Asshole Cat Bites, Cat Eaten Crochet, or something just as inappropriate. Let’s all be glad I didn’t do that.) You can learn a lot of interesting things about ChiWei on her about page. Actually, this is the most impressive about page I have ever seen.

First, let me say I love the crochet patterns here. These are the sort of things I would make. So many times I have seen a cool crochet project and said “That is awesome, but I would never make it.” Those kinds of projects that aren’t me and I don’t know anyone that would appreciate them on the proper level I see more as art. Something pretty to look at and admire. This isn’t the case with the patterns on One Dog Woof. One day I am going to have jellyfish hanging everywhere from the ceilings just because I can. I know at least three people I can make the unicorn for.

Her shark pattern has been added to my shark pattern collection to make. I could go on forever about every pattern she has on the site…and let’s talk about how much I just adore The Zoodiacs.

I don’t know crap about corner to corner crochet, but this is the reason I am going to learn. There is a very good possibility that once this is made I will be shipping it to Australia and then turn around and make a second one. I have been experimenting with the graphs for these with Pearler beads to make coasters. I hope now that I have a good iron, and not one that heats up in just one spot, that I can get a good full set of them.

The One Dog Woof blog isn’t just about crochet. There are other crafts and recipes. Who doesn’t love food? Recipes always keep me going back to a website.

If you haven’t checked out One Dog Woof you should. You won’t be disappointed.

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