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I fully realize I didn’t do a blog post yesterday. I’m down sick with shingles…again. However, today’s blog post goes along with what I was going to write about yesterday.

I am currently working on these shark slippers. It doesn’t matter what season it is or how hot it is out, Raynaud’s Phenomenon/Disease/Syndrome (depending on the doctor the name changes) is a common part of fibromylagia and my feet and hands are always freezing to the point they are turning blue and hurt. My collection of socks and slippers is incredible because of this but I have no shark slippers so I thought I would work on that.

The first slipper is almost done. I do have a complaint about this pattern, the assembly directions aren’t as clear as they could and should be. The pictures are somewhat of a help, but it’s also not clear what is going on. For example, at no point are you told which way to fold the slippers in half. It took me about a half hour to figure out how to set everything up for assembly. I do not recommend this particular pattern for anyone new to crochet because of this.

UPDATE: I just finished sewing the main part of the slipper together and have to frog nearly the entire thing. This is the third slipper pattern that I have used where the slippers turned out a size bigger than the pattern stated it would be. 

In case anyone is wondering about my notebook and pattern storage…I print out patterns I am making and put them in a binder in page protectors. This way I can write notes on the patterns if I need to, and it keeps my cat from eating my patterns. He has eaten more than one pattern.

I am making the slippers out of Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn by Premiere. I’ve written about this yarn before. It’s probably the only acrylic yarn I will use. I had picked up some Bernat Softee Baby Yarn to make these and after spending 20 minutes or so just trying to stitch the first two rows I gave up and gave the yarn away to my daughter. I have a hell of a time working with any kind of yarn that has a deal of stretch to it. Had I kept at it, I might be on row 3 a week later.  I didn’t want to use my standby of Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream because I’ve made slippers out of it before and I didn’t like how it felt when I walked. Chances are it wasn’t a good match for the pattern I used. So, I grabbed what Deborah Norville yarn I had left from making my shark hat and got to work. As I finished the fins for this, I took a look at the yarn I had left and decided I might not have enough. If I am short yarn it’s going to be less than 5 yards. Pretty good chance it will be less than 2 yards.

I set in search of yarn online where I wasn’t running all over town looking for it.

  • Wal-Mart – nope
  • A.C. Moore – nope
  • Michael’s – nope
  • Hobby Lobby (not that I would ever shop there) – nope.

Joann’s is the only place that carries Deborah Norville yarn. My closest Joann’s is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic. Such a way to go for a skein of yarn. Sacrifices have to be made in the name of yarn and shark slippers.

Initially I was a bit annoyed by the fact that I needed to make a trip out to Joann’s or order the yarn. I really didn’t want to pay shipping and wait on a skein of yarn. I complained to a friend of mine about how every craft store has to carry different brands of yarn. On the way out to Joann’s I got to thinking about that. It dawned on me that the reason Joann’s probably wasn’t closer was where they didn’t have compete so much with Wal-Mart, A.C. Moore, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. This also made me realize that the reason for everyone carrying different yarn brands is competition. Wouldn’t do any good if everyone carried the same thing.

Still annoyed I had to travel out there. Also a bit annoyed that they don’t carry Australian Merino yarn as my old store did. I had to order it. I did learn something from ordering it, those browser extensions like Honey, really do save you the money they claim to. I installed Honey on a whim to see if it really worked. It does slow down browsing speed, but the amount it slowed it down isn’t a deal breaker. It saved me $20 on that yarn purchase. That made me happy. It’s at least worth checking out.

With that, I will see you tomorrow with another crochet round up.

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