Crochet Round-Up: Fingerless Gloves.

Coming up with round up ideas is hard. It seems that no matter what the topic, it’s been covered. I do realize, that there are so many patterns out there that not everyone could possibly come across them all and that someone is going to feature something that someone else did not.

Anyway, fall is just around the corner if you live in the northern hemisphere (September 22 is the equinox) so I thought that I would do a round up of fingerless gloves…mostly because I need to get hopping on making them.

As I mentioned before, part of the fibromylagia is Raynaud’s Syndrome and I spend a lot of time with extremely cold hands and feet. I spend most of the fall and winter in fingerless gloves while inside the house. They help keep my hands warm and allow my fingers the freedom to do things, like type on the computer, use my phone, etc. I am constantly buying them as soon as they show up in stores. Last winter I started crocheting them because there are so many possibilities. Why have the same boring fingerless gloves that everyone else does when you can have fun ones?

Speaking of fun, let’s start with these owl gloves by The Art of Craft. In the world of crochet fashion, owls are the new black. Yea, that doesn’t make sense to me either. That sounded better in my head. Anyway, It’s stated that they are kid sized and made for her 10 year old. However, they start with a chain of 32 so I am pretty sure they will fit the average hand. I am making this observation based on the fact that I only need to start with a chain of 26 for my own hands.


I would be lying if I didn’t say these remind me of favourite blog that I used to read (sadly it’s not been updated in two years), Hello Kitty Hell.  I don’t usually use or share YouTube videos for crochet because, as a personal thing, instructional videos annoy me. I have to keep stopping them and going back. It’s not very conductive to me getting anything done. Anyway, you can find the pattern, and instructional video, for these Hello Kitty gloves on 2 Cats 1 Doll’s YouTube channel. I actually saved this pattern to make these for someone else who likes Hello Kitty more than I do. I also have a Hello Kitty scarf saved somewhere to go with them.

These basic fingerless gloves from Crafty Tutorials will work up quickly and you can easily customize them however you want. Everything is better with googly eyes. Just sayin’.







These really aren’t my thing (I’m having flashbacks to the 70’s when granny squares were used for everything…and I do mean EVERYTHING) but it just goes to prove that you can make anything out of granny squares, including fingerless gloves. There are other ideas on the page of things to do with granny squares as well. Granny squares do work up quickly and these could be a cool last minute gift idea.

I actually just had an idea. There are other granny square patterns out there, like the ones used over at Maria’s Blue Crayon for her ocean afghan. Made big enough those squares, along with the appliques would make cool fingerless gloves…and you wouldn’t be compelled to listen to the Bee Gees.


I love the pattern on these. The pattern can be found at Mamachee’s Etsy Shop. I need to make a note that I need to purchase it. I tend to pick up or save crochet patterns when I find them because you never know when someone is going to close their Etsy shop or decide to give up their web page. More than once I have gone back to print out or purchase a pattern and find it gone.





These Moroccan Midnight Mitts (say that three times fast) saved from Moogly (alliteration for the win!) have that stained glass look to them. They also look really warm. I think I am going to move these closer to the top of my list of fingerless gloves to make.






Bethany over at Whistle and Ivy published this awesome pattern, called Puppy Love Arm Warmers. There is also a matching slouchy beanie and infinity scarf. The entire set would make an awesome gift for someone.




Both of these patterns come from Hooked by Kati’s Etsy shop. The black and white ones can be found here and the multicoloured ones can be found here. You know what else you can find in this Etsy shop? A bowler hat for your pet guinea pig. You know your guinea pig needs one. Anyway, if you don’t want to pay for the pattern, there are a number of variations of the black and white design on the web. The Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves are particularly nice over at Hook Heart Home (there are matching leg warmers). I am all for supporting indie crochet designers who sell patterns but I am also all for options too.


Charmed by Ewe came up with these cute Sweetheart Wrist Warmers as a Valentines present, it is still quite cold in February in a lot of the northern hemisphere. I am thinking that these could be done in a variety of colours – basic fall shades, Halloween colours, winter holiday colours (Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, etc) Valentines day colours, and maybe St. Patrick’s day colours.


Another relatively easy pattern that will work up quickly. These Easy Fingerless Gloves look like they might be knitted but they aren’t.







I am not sure why, but I didn’t think that a shell stitch would work for fingerless gloves until I seen these lovely gloves by CreJJtion. My biggest question at the moment is where everyone is finding the grey yarn for all these gloves. I have a very difficult time tracking down grey where I live.







These are just a start of all the awesome fingerless glove/wrist warmer patterns out there. I could really spend the next two or three days linking to fingerless gloves. I suggest following my Fingerless Glove pintrest board. I am always adding to it. Disclaimer: The board does have the occasional leg warmer pattern

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    Thank you for featuring my basic fingerless gloves!! 😁

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      You are very welcome. 🙂


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