Book Review: Crochet Taxidermy

Fake mounted animal heads made out of fabric, yarn, or felt seem to be a trend right now. You can find them just about everywhere, even mainstream department stores. The best thing about creating your own, is that you can customize however you want, from outrageous colours to the obscure and fictional. That is where Crochet Taxidermy comes in.

While you won’t find anything too weird in here, you will find directions for one of the most important parts of crochet taxidermy; how to mount your creations. Those directions can be used on anything you can think of from dragons to deathclaws from Fallout 4.

Crochet Taxidermy has a total of 30 patterns divided into groups: woodland creatures, farm animals, zoo buddies, safari friends, and under the sea creatures. There are a lot of coloured pictures and easy to follow directions. This book would be perfect if it wasn’t for the layout. The first section of the book is dedicated to a two page layout introducing each animal in the book

followed by instructions for things like using safety eyes and mounting before you get into the patterns with all the crochet basics and tips in the back. The very last thing before the index is your supply list. The book just isn’t laid out logically. The layout makes things annoying but not unusable. It’s really best to look through this book thoroughly before starting on the projects where you know where all the various information is in it.

Once you you have make one or a dozen projects from this book you are ready to move on and adapt other patterns you have to taxidermy or create your own, if you are so inclined. Let your imagination run wild.

If you are looking for fun and unique items to decorate with I do recommend this book.




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