Silly Saturday & Shark Week Giveaway Announcement

Silly Saturday is a thing that I am stealing from Jessie over at Jessie at Home. Basically, Saturday is meme day. I thought this was an awesome idea only because I can’t always think of things to blog about and sharing a favourite meme is a way to fill a blog day. I know, I know, that’s cheating. Whatever XD.

I picked today’s meme because it reminded me of one of our cats, Fluffy. A small yarn order came today and I only opened the box far enough to make sure the box contained what I thought it did (and to make sure that I was, indeed sent white yarn and the order wasn’t messed up). Fluffy promptly tried to climb into the box. Needless to say, now that the yarn is out of it and the box is on the floor, she doesn’t want the box.


I hope everyone enjoyed Shark Week, even if you were disappointed that Michael Phelps didn’t really race a shark. I mean, I guess it was best that they did it the way they did, we can’t have an Olympic Gold Medalist turned into sushi for a great white shark. On the other hand, there was at least one Olympian that was willing to actually take on the shark…

I have to admit, I expected more people to enter this giveaway. I really thought more people would get behind this idea to celebrate Shark Week. Maybe I am just weird. Maybe next time. So…in light of so few entries, coupled with the fact that I haven’t found my DnD dice yet (moving sucks) I am just going make everyone a winner! That means everyone gets a coaster set, a Chum the shark, and a mystery shark item. Congratulations! 🙂

I need everyone to to bare with me a bit because I need to get stuffing. I had to use the bag and a half that I had to fix a pillow. I have always bought my stuffing at Joann’s and we don’t have one close by so I don’t know if there is anywhere here to get it or if I need to order it. Hopefully I won’t need to order it and one of the craft stores have it. I will be contacting everyone very soon to get their address to send stuff out to.

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2 thoughts on “Silly Saturday & Shark Week Giveaway Announcement

  • July 29, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Michaels carries it in the embroidery/knitting section ^_^ not sure its the same brand you use but its a great excuse to make a trip!
    And YAY! VICTORY! My birthday gift box just got even better 😎🖒😈

    • August 5, 2017 at 9:35 pm

      So far I am up to three things I need to send you. At this rate you are going to be up to a huge box of stuff at Christmas. XD

      Our Michael’s has the worlds smallest section of stuffing and it’s somewhere over by word working or somewhere just as odd. It amazes me how different stores can be. As a general thing, the stores here are larger than the ones in Woodbridge (we have a Target 20 minutes away that is 2 of the Woodbridge store) and they carry more stuff, but not necessarily a large selection of things. Like Joann’s carries at least a dozen different types of stuffing. Michael’s here carries one and the stuffing section has room for like 6 bags tops.


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