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I know that Follow Friday is more of a social networking thing, but I decided that I am going to take Fridays and talk about a blog or pattern designer that I like and follow.

This week’s Follow Friday is a blog that I just found by following a link from Snappy Tots (last week’s Follow Friday). This Follow Friday is brought to you by Jessie at Home. Jessie does both crochet and knitting and is a member of the Crochet Guild of America. How many of you knew that there was a crochet guild? Pretty cool, huh? She is also a talented designer.

So, what are you going to find on Jessie’s blog? You are going to find a very a ‘Stitchopedia’ where she teaches you how to get started in both crochet and knitting with both videos and written directions. Even using this resource I am not sure I am going to be able to learn to knit. At the very least I might learn how not to jab myself with the hooks. That’s a start, right? There are crochet and knit patterns, both free and for sale along with some recipes and other craft tidbits.

To give an idea of what you will find in the realm of free patterns, many were written with her children in mind. Most of her clothing patterns come in sizes for everyone, from children to adults. They are well organized, but be warned, the occasional knitting pattern gets mixed in with the crochet ones. She does this thing in her blog called Silly Saturdays (I think I am going to have to steal this idea) where she shares a crochet or knitting related meme. She’s also started posting Christmas stuff to get everyone started on the holidays.

I highly recommend this blog, especially for those just learning to crochet or knit. She has some of the best directions and lesson type posts that I have seen.

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