Crochet Round-Up: Animal Slippers for Babies & Toddlers

A good friend of mine has a little niece who I occasionally crochet things for. There is so much cute baby/toddler things out there and I have no little people of my own, so I need to make them for someone. On that list of of cute baby/toddler things that I find myself wanting to make constantly are baby slippers. Why? Because of the cute things like this:

You can these cute bunny slippers on Etsy. If you go through TwoGirlsPattern’s store you can find them in baby, toddler, child, and adult sizes. I plan on making a pair of these for myself, because who doesn’t want bunny slippers.

I do want to throw this note out there. The pair that I made for my friend’s niece, even though they were made in the smallest size, were to big for her at a year old. She has to grow into them. I don’t know if these are sized large, or if she has tiny feet…or a bit of both.


These adorable flamingos from Yarntopia are going to be next on that list of baby/toddler slippers I make. It’s not every day you see flamingo slippers…and they are free! Honestly, flamingos are overlooked in the world of animals that you find on kids clothes, or as stuffed animals. Stuffed bunnies and bears seem to be stereotypical stuffed animals you give to children, and you can find these in nearly unlimited variations. Flamingos, not so much.



I am also feeling these owl slippers from Hopeful Honey.  This is another free pattern. I like featuring free patterns because it means they are accessible to everyone.  Anyway, I am not sure what the pom poms are supposed to be (I have never seen owl ears that look like pom poms) but they are still cute. If I were a toddler and I knew what a ‘must have list’ was, I would put these owl slippers on them.



I am pretty sure that my postage bill to send things to Australia just went up. What kid wouldn’t wouldn’t want hedgehog slippers because hedgehogs? The hedgehog is another animal like the flamingo that doesn’t get enough love.

Fair warning, if you go looking through V&O’s Etsy shop for more slippers or baby/toddler items, you won’t find any. The bulk of the shop is dedicated to crochet lingerie and swimsuit patterns. The hedgehog slippers stick out like a turd in a punch bowl in the store.


This is the first time I have ever seen sugar glider anything. These slippers, just like the bunnies, can be bought in a variety of sizes, including adult.

If you want more sugar glider patterns like a hats, coin purses and even one of the cutest hooded blankets The Cheerful Chameleon Etsy shop is the place to find them. There are also some other animal slipper patterns in the store, most in child and adult sizes.



In the world of crochet patterns, the price on the pattern for these chicken slippers is a bit more than most patterns (this pattern cost the most of out the lot of paid patterns featured here). If you don’t mind spending the couple extra dollars these chicken slippers are totally worth it. This is also coming from a person that carries around a chicken clutch for a purse.

Meinuxing also has the pattern for some of the most awesome goldfish slippers and koala slippers in her Etsy store as well. The best part is, many of her patterns can be found in premie sizes.






Is there anyone that didn’t see this one coming? It is Shark Week so we have to have shark slippers. There are a few different variations of these slippers on Etsy (some have tail fins, but if you want them on these, they would be easy enough to add), and I am not sure who came up with the pattern idea first. Stacie71 does offer them up in sizes for adults, children, and baby/toddlers. Sharks for everyone! In fact, I bought this pattern a while back because I wanted shark slippers.

There is only one downside to all of these slippers. There is a pretty high chance that babies and toddlers will be more interested in playing with them than keeping them on their feet.


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