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I know that Follow Friday is more of a social networking thing, but I decided that I am going to take Fridays and talk about a blog or pattern designer that I like and follow.


Today I want to introduce everyone to Heidi Yates over at Snappy Tots.

My computer tells me that I have 687 crochet patterns stored on it. In the world of collecting crochet patterns I don’t know if that means I need a 12 step program or if I am merely an amateur. I am making a guess and saying that maybe 1/5th of those are patterns I have paid for. Something that dawned on me the other day as I was in Heidi’s Ravelery Store purchasing yet another shark pattern, is that I had a number of her patterns. I took a few minutes (20 minutes is a few minutes, right?) and went through her store and found even more stuff I wanted. She’s talented, comes up with fun things to make, and has 11 pages of patterns up on Ravelry. How could I not find more stuff? I also took some time and visited her blog. I didn’t even notice she had a blog link in her Ravelry store initially.

I am constantly complaining that visiting Pintrest is like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole. It’s so easy to get sidetracked and loose track of time. When going on pattern searches for something specific I try really hard not to get sidetracked. I stay hyper-focused. This is how I never realized I had been in her Ravlery store a number of times or that she had a blog link up.

My first purchase from her store was this awesome item. I know you all recognize it…

I love this shark hat. I know I have said this a number of times on this blog. I’m going to say it again. I love this shark hat. Everyone needs a shark hat. I wish I could make a ton of these and give them away to everyone I run across. My family would probably end up disowning me if I did that. As Shark Week approaches we are having daily heat advisories so I may have to rethink wearing this out as part of my Shark Week shenanigans. This is seriously a downer for me.

This shark hat is where it all started. Heidi has a number of shark patterns in her store. There is a washcloth, this blanket, this scoodie that a friend is demanding I make for her, and a backpack. Yes, I have all of these patterns and I plan on making all of them. There is no such thing as too much shark.

With the sharks out of the way, here are just a few other items in her Ravelry store that are on my wishlist (images are linked to the patterns on Ravlery)…






Heidi also offers a lot of free patterns on her website, Snappy Tots. The free projects are the same quality as those she charges for and they are just as fun. They are also organized into categories for ease.

I am not going to lie. Much like a lot of blogs that I read this was one of those that I checked out to see if there were any free patterns up and ended up staying for all the other cool things going on, like the DIY Gift Stash. This is a really cool idea (I’m mad I didn’t think of it), and I wonder if her friends and family are following along trying to guess which of these items, if any, she is making for them. She has a few other craft projects that aren’t necessarily crochet related on the DIY page, and some awesome ideas on the Happy Life page.

In short, Snappy Tots, is a well organized awesome blog by a very creative designer.  Check her out!

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