Shark Week Round Up Take 2

Well…I’m full of fail.

This started out with good intentions. I discovered something called bullet journaling and decided to try and use it for my blog in an attempt to get organized. For today’s blog the entry read “crochet round-up: sea life NOT SHARKS!!!” I mean, I figure everyone is sick of my shark thing at this point (shameless plug…be sure to enter my Shark Week Giveaway). I saved a ton of seashell patterns for the round up. Not flat applique type ones, but 3 dimensional ones. Cool ones.

You know what happened? I was looking for a shark fin pattern that I could turn into a pillow and I found more shark patterns. A lot more shark patterns. So I give you…

I guess next week we will do the seashells…

In case you missed it, here is the first shark week round up post.

Let’s start with this egg cozy by Spring Fresh. I have seen a lot of patterns for various egg cozies. Everything has been turned into an egg cozy. I really had no idea these were a thing. After joking around with a few friends of mine about why someone would want an egg cozy, I finally googled the point of them. In case you don’t know, they are put on soft boiled eggs to keep them warm going from the pot to the table. Now, I never had soft boiled eggs growing up so egg cozies were not something I was exposed to. I am assuming egg cozies were a thing when I was kid and not something new. Knowing this, I find egg cozies a cute idea. Strangely I feel the need to make a ton of egg cozies, starting with this shark, of all different animals just in case I ever decide to make soft boiled eggs.


Remember I said that I was wanting to make a shark fin pillow? Well, here’s an entire shark pillow from the Left-handed Crocheter. I have been looking all over for grey blanket yarn to make this guy. Apparently grey is not a popular colour in my corner of the world so stores don’t carry it. Every time there is something I want that I can’t find I always think, “The reason people don’t buy it is because stores don’t carry it!” Not everyone wants their yarn in baby pastel colours. I am going to have to order the grey yarn. Dear Craft Stores: I resent that I have to order the yarn I need to make this awesome shark pillow that I need for reasons. Signed, Me. You know what is really cool about this shark pattern? It can also be used to make an ocean unicorn narwhal.


 This cute hammerhead shark comes from a blog that I just found, Spin a Yarn (note to self, add this blog to my resource page). This is also a new pattern that was put up this week. She has pictures up to help where things might get a bit awkward. I am wondering how this would work out in blanket yarn, if it would be big enough for a pillow. See, look at all the grey blanket yarn I would buy! What is wrong with these stores?! Before anyone asks, yes, I have a thing for pillows. I need all the pillows. In the meantime I am just going to have to make this guy to hang out on my desk because he’s so bloody cute!!


Next up in my world of shark must haves is this shark sleep sack from DIYYarnProjects over on Etsy. Part of the joy of fibromylagia is something called Raynaund’s Phenomenon. My toes get really cold to the point they hurt and turn blue, even in the middle of summer. I don’t always want to wear socks or slippers. I also am not the sort to use a mermaid tail sleep sack. Nothing against mermaids, I am just not a mermaid sort of girl. I was looking at making a cool dragon one, and I still might because options, but Mr. Shark here is on the list of things to make before winter because I don’t like being cold.


I wish that she had a better picture of this shark bag up but I think we will all manage. It looks like it holds a lot. I can tell I am going to end up with a number of unconventional “purses” to choose from. I could also probably use this to carry crochet supplies with me when I have to do things like wait in the doctors office. I wonder how quickly I can get this made up…Rarely do people let you know how long it took them to make things.

I just realized that I am going to eventually run out of grey yarn and have to get more…The last time I was at Michaels, I bought all the Lilly’s Sugar ‘n Cream overcast they had. Who knew it was possible to go through that much grey yarn?



I have to admit, a shark holiday stocking is the one shark item I didn’t think I would run across. I had to buy this pattern immediately. We all know what I am putting everyone’s holiday gifts in this year. It’s a moral imperative. Because nothing says Christmas or Solstice like sharks.

Now that we have a house and room to put a tree I am going to have to come up with shark in Santa hat ornaments…for reasons.



Every cat should have their own shark outfit. I admit, I’m just asking for trouble with this one. If you met my cat you would know what I am talking about. There is a good chance that putting this on him is going to end badly…for me. No worries. I made sure I knew the location of the local ER right after we moved in. A good friend of mine, who knows all about my cat, wants to see a video of me putting this on my cat. Why? Because he’s my friend and wants to point and laugh when I do something stupid that I know that I really shouldn’t because it’s going to result in bodily injury. I’m pretty sure everyone in the ER is going to point and laugh when I have to explain that I just wanted my cat to celebrate Shark Week with me.


Another stuffed shark, this one is named Chomper. Chomper is a fitting name for a shark, especially a cute shark. If I had a pet shark, I have decided I would name it something cute like Fluffy or Snowball because it would amuse me to see the look on peoples faces when I told them the name. Chomper is a name you would kind of expect. Anyway, he’s a cute shark and everyone should make him where they have a Shark Week buddy.


This is Chomp the Shark Pillow. I guess some form of Chomp is the must have shark name this year. Kind of like those few years when everyone named their baby girls Heather. Yes, I said pillow. Yes, I am going to make this. I don’t know if I am going to make the “girl version” in purple or the “boy version” in grey. I suppose I could make a girl shark in grey. Maybe I should make it in baby pastels, since they are so easy to find, and tell everyone that my poor shark was exposed to water pollution. I don’t know my friends and family put up with me either.

Moving on.


 Shark scoodie! You’ve never heard the word scoodie before? It was a word I learned not long ago, it’s a combination of “scarf” and “hoodie”. Think of it as a ‘ship name. I showed this to a friend of mine who said “I need that for reasons.”  It is pretty awesome and weird and sharky. Personally, I want to figure out how to make the shark cowl hood that I found.

Anyway, Heidi Yates came up with this scoodie. She has a number of shark items in her Ravelry store like a shark nap blanket, a hooded shark blanket, a shark cocoon & backpack, and shark washcloths.


Now that you have everything you need for Shark Week, it’s time to get some snacks and watch Michael Phelps race a shark. I still can’t believe that is the highlight of Shark Week this year.



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