Simple Crochet Shark Coaster

Some of you may have noticed the the new link in the menu bar, Hooking for Sharks. If any of you follow me on any social networking site, you have probably heard about this, but let me explain a bit about it.

Every shark related item I make and sell, a portion of the proceeds will go to shark conservation. It’s pretty simple. You can read more about it here.

I have created a rather simple shark coaster as part of the Hooking for Sharks endeavor. A set of coasters can be worked up quickly and would make a great addition to any Shark Week or beach themed party…or maybe you just like sharks.

The Simple Shark Crochet Coaster pattern is $3.50, is delivered instantly by digital download in PDF format, and can be purchased through my Etsy store. $2.00 of each sale is being donated to shark conservation. You can also favour it on Ravelry for later. Yes, I think I finally figured out (at least somewhat) how to use Ravelry.

If you don’t crochet and want a set of these coasters, check my Etsy listings. They will be up soon! I am also planning on doing a Shark Week give-a-way for a set of these (and some other cool¬†shark related crochet items). Stay tuned for details!

Speaking of Shark Week, let me tell you about Chum the Shark (pattern designed by Critterbeans) and what Chum is doing for Shark Week…



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