What’s in the Stitching Yarns Etsy Shop?

I just had to renew an Etsy listing so I thought that I would talk a bit about my Etsy shop and what I have up there.

I bought my Tulip Etimo hooks on a whim and went and got some yarn. I hadn’t crocheted in some time but I discovered that the internet was chock full of crochet patterns (both free and paid for). I could crochet anything I wanted! The problem is, just because I want to make something doesn’t mean I want to keep it.

It was suggested to me that I put all the stuff I just wanted to make up on Etsy. Well, that solved that problem. Originally I was going to open an Etsy shop and sell Pokeball themed items like gloves and scarves, ponchos, purses…you get the idea. As much as part of me still wants to do that, there is a lot of people doing Pokemon/Pokeball items. I would just be another person in the fray, so all the random things that I wanted to make it was. My thought was I could fill that gap between the people who write patterns, and those who want those things made but can’t crochet.

Why don’t I make and write my own patterns? Simple. I have no idea what I want to make. It’s easy to look at someone else’s patterns and say, “I want to make that!” It’s harder to decide what you want to create on your own. At least for me. I don’t know why this is. Left to my own devices I would probably make crocheted pet rocks.

Now about those random items…

Let’s start with the cat toys.

I have been collecting cat toy patterns. I have a cat that hoards all the cat toys and won’t let the other cats play with them. The more cat toys I have in the house the better. Last Christmas I sent a friend a gift box filled with Pokeball items and toys for her cats. Her one cat still carries around the jellyfish I made him. I really need to get around to making him another since he pulled one of the legs off.  I also need to get another set of cat toys up on Etsy. No matter what else I put up on Etsy there will always be cat toys. My cats like them. My friends cat likes them. If I could I would supply every cat in the world with free cat toys (my family would probably disown me). Just call me the worlds biggest cat toy advocate.



I’m not going to lie. I wish someone would buy these where I could get them out of my shop. These were the first things I put in the shop because I had set it up and needed something to put in it. Coasters were fast and I wanted an excuse to use the variegated pink yarn I had. Thing is, I am not a huge fan of pink and I don’t know anyone who is that I could give them to so they are stuck in my shop until someone decides they want them. I seriously do not want to be known for selling coasters. There’s nothing wrong with coasters, it’s just these, in my opinion, are boring.


That brings me to more coasters….only this time they are apple coasters.

 These coasters I like. I mean I really like them. When I seen the pattern I had to have it because I wanted to make these. The set of 6 coasters fit together nicely inside the apple case for storage. It’s really a cute idea. I found another set that falls under this idea that I want to make, only the concept is a turtle. Anyway, I love these. Part of me wants to keep these for myself but my family is weird and doesn’t want to use anything I crochet, because they don’t want to stain or ruin the stuff I spend time making. I find this both considerate and weird, since the stuff is made to be used.


The Spa Set

In retrospect, this set was probably a bad idea. I really wanted to make the bath pouf, it looked like something fun to make. Honestly, I could crochet bath poufs until the cows come home. I did learn a new crochet stitch that was used on the washcloths. I also learned that I hate making spiral scrubbies. All that aside, this was something I made just to put into the store when it I first opened it because spa sets looked popular. This is another item I wish would be bought just where I can get it out of the store. Nothing against the spa set, it’s just not me.


The Fibromylagia Spa Set

Yea, I know, I just got done trash talking the first spa set I made just to have another spa set. This one will always be available in the shop. I actually knocked the price down $10 a few weeks ago because I felt bad about what I was charging. I’m just like that. Anyway, I originally put this set together for our real estate agent because, much like me, she suffers from fibromylagia and I thought that it would be a nice gesture. I got the idea after I found the pattern for the fibro voodoo doll. I even include lavender bath salts. The patterns used for everything were gathered from various spots on the web and not one of the spa set pattern sets that someone put up. It was a lot of “I like this washcloth and this pouf and this headband…” You get the idea. It’s really easy to find breast cancer pink items, but you don’t find a lot of other colours for other ailments. I want to add more fibromylagia purple items to the store.


The picture for this is horrible. The lighting in the apartment we were living in made it look like I scanned a bunch of pictures that my cat decided to pee on.

This is a doxie blanket lovey budddesigned by Jenna Wingate. I made one of these for my friends little niece and shipped it off to Australia. Word is she loves it. I also bought Jenna’s opossum blanket lovey buddy that I want to make…because it’s weird. Why did I start with the doxie? I have a very special place in my heart for dachshunds. They are weirdly awesome (and awesomely weird) little dogs and mine is no exception. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and he thinks he’s at least half cat. I love wiener dogs. I will happily make wiener dog blanket buddies for anyone that wants them because wiener dogs.



I majored in biology and chemistry in college so this is just the sort of thing that I like. I made a set of these for my doctor as a gift and he went total fanboy over them. He was also amazed at how scientifically accurate they were. There are other people in the world like me and my doctor that would want stuffed microbes laying around. They would make a great present for a number of people. These are actually fun for me to make as well.

Do we see a trend here? There are things that I put in the shop just to get something in the shop or because they might be popular and then there are the things that I actually like and like making?

The barrettes fall somewhere in the middle. This was a case of I wanted to make something and I didn’t know what. I also wanted to use the variegated yarn I was collecting. These went together quickly and satisfied my need at the time. I also made one in black and white for myself, but I have nothing that will match these in my wardrobe so, into the shop they went.


My goal is to get to the point where the shop is just those things that I really enjoy making or those things that have some kind of meaning for me. It’s not about having the most popular Etsy store for me, or making a ton of money every year from it. It’s about doing something that I enjoy with the hopes of doing something good with it, like raising awareness for fibromylagia or sharks (more on the sharks later).

In the world of things that I like there is The Chicken ClutchThis is such a weird idea I had to do it. I love my chicken. It goes everywhere with me. This is seriously one of the best things that I have ever made for myself. I own a perfectly normal purse but I would much rather carry around a crocheted chicken clutch. People are fascinated by it. Either that or they are fascinated by the fact that I have no qualms about walking around with a chicken purse. I’m just doing me. It’s actually quite roomy. It holds more than it looks like it would hold. Honestly, I feel that everyone needs a chicken clutch just because.


Speaking of things that I love that I have made myself, there is this awesome shark hat. This was another one of those things that was just so weird I had to do it. You can really find out who has a stick up their butt when you are walking around in public in a shark hat. Anyway, I want to talk a bit about the shark hat and the shark barefoot sandals that I have up in the store.

This is a huge thing for me and I am going to be adding more shark items. I have been collecting patterns for all things shark from every corner of the internet. I am one of those “save the planet” people. I try not to be obnoxious about it because I also feel that everyone should be able to do their own thing. I just really hope that people understand how important it is to preserve our environment and do everything we can to keep more animals from going extinct.

And that’s why the shark items. I recently found out about shark finning and it made me physically sick to my stomach. Now, I don’t know if this is something I heard about before and blocked it out because it traumatized me or if I live under a rock. Could be a bit of both. Every year 100 million (that is not a typo) sharks are killed a year for their fins or for sport or because of the fear mongering caused by sensationalized headlines about someone getting attacked by a shark. You have a bigger chance of getting killed by a vending machine or cow than a shark. Yes, vending machines and sharks kill more people a year than sharks.

At 100 million sharks being killed a year, it’s not going to take long before we are without sharks and we need sharks for a healthy ocean. What I am doing is donating a portion of the selling  price of all of my shark items to the shark conservation group Shark Angels.

I came up with the name Stitching Yarns because every project has a story, and these are the stories of what is currently in the store. There will be more items coming as soon as I can get them done!

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