Work in Progress

Finally moved, settled, and mostly unpacked. Unpacking takes a while since you have to find new places for everything, including your cats…

I have so many projects in the works along with the supplies for more projects when I am done with those. Currently I am working on a shark scarf. This is one of the 4.5 sharks I have done already:

I still need to make the dorsal fins for it, so it’s not quite an entire shark yet.

In case anyone is wondering where I got the idea for a shark scarf, it was Twinkie Chan. She made this awesome Gummy Shark Scarf …

… and I decided it would make an awesome normal shark scarf.

Speaking of sharks, I am working on a new website dedicated to sharks, . My original idea was to open a second Etsy store focusing on shark items and have a blog to support it, since I want to donate a portion of the funds from each shark related item to a shark conservation group. After some thought I am not sure I want to maintain two Etsy accounts. In theory I like the idea, in practice I think it’s going to be too much work and too confusing. I can’t keep up with my social networking accounts properly, what makes me think I can deal with two Etsy accounts?

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