Who is Deborah Norville and why Should you buy her Yarn?

I am currently working on this awesome shark hat by Heidi Yates.

I have this ongoing problem of finding yarn colours in this area, especially in Lilly’s Sugar ‘n Cream. Joann’s has one set of colours, Michael’s another, and there are still colours that have to be ordered. Grey yarn is one of the hardest colours to find in general around here. It’s really kind of maddening, especially when you need to make a shark hat.

What to do?

I have gone on record as saying I hate everything about acrylic yarn, but it was the only thing I could find to use while looking for yarn to make my shark hat…and I need this shark hat for reasons. I can’t tell you how long I spent in Joann’s touching all the yarn trying to find something that wasn’t offensive to touch, after all, I am going to spend a number of hours working with it, and then I have to wear it. That alone is pretty amazing since I hate hate hats.

But this shark hat…I must have it!

The yarn that I found to use is part of the Deborah Norville Collection from Premier Yarns. As I picked it up, put it back, picked it up again, put it back down, touched a few more yarns, and picked it up again, I wondered who Deborah Norville was and why her name and face was on the yarn. As my dad used to tell me, “You have Google just like everyone else. Use it.”

Apparently, Deborah has been hosting Inside Edition for 20 years and now she has another news-type show called Exposed. I am not surprised I have no idea who she is, as I don’t watch these kinds of shows. She’s pretty amazing, though. She holds the title of Longest Serving Anchor on American TV, she’s written books, she lectures, she’s on the Board of Directors for the Viacom Corporation, she is  a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and so much more. All while raising a family.

And she has her own collection of yarn through Premier. She even has free crochet patterns on her website. Well, links to the Premier Yarn site for stuff she’s designed. Good enough.

Now, about this yarn, when I say collection, I mean collection. She doesn’t have her name and face on just one type of yarn. I am talking 17 different types of yarn. Everything from everyday worsted weight yarn to a cotton and silk blend to sock yarn to chunky yarn.

The yarn that I was able to find that came in ‘shark grey’ is her Everyday Soft Worsted Yarn. It’s 100% acrylic. I know. I know. I have gone on record as saying I hate everything about acrylic yarn. I still do.

Well, maybe not this yarn (other than the fact that it is acrylic yarn and therefore is non-biodegradable).

It’s soft. I mean really soft. You can’t tell that it’s acrylic yarn just by touching it. It doesn’t have that “acrylic feel”. You know how you can pick up a yarn and tell what it is just by how it feels and it’s weight? You can’t really tell what this yarn is without reading the label. It could be anything. Well, that’s not true. The bamboo yarn I was fondling at the local yarn store wasn’t fluffy like this. It does feel like someone turned all the fur that my cat is shedding into a nice fluffy yarn. If we can make yarn out of rabbit fur, why not cat fur? You would never be able to tell when you feline friend has shed all over your clothes. That’s a plus, right? Anyway, touching what I have done of the hat feels a lot like petting my cat. I like this. I can work with this.

Even better is that the yarn is easy to work with. I’ve not had any problem with it splitting or knotting or do any of the other annoying things yarn sometimes does. I think me and this yarn are going to get along just fine. I suggest trying it out, especially if you are like me and are not a fan of acrylic yarn. You’ll be surprised.

Now back to working on this hat. I can’t wait to show off the finished project!

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