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After two days of putting up with me over thinking the crochet end of the crafting industry, it’s time to talk Shark Week. Yes, I know I’m early but we need to start preparing early where everything is done. It takes time to put together holiday gifts or birthday gifts, it’s going to take that same time to put together Shark Week gifts.

What do you mean we don’t give gifts for Shark Week?! We should! I say it’s time to start a new tradition! Besides, it will give us an excuse to crochet sharks!


I won’t lie. This bag/purse is what got me excited early for Shark Week. I am going to have to make it where I can choose between it and my chicken clutch. The Cookie Snob has provided the directions for both adult and child size.



 I love the patterns from One Dog Woof and this ball shaped shark is no exception. Look at him! He’s adorable! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Shark Week with this guy? She provides instructions and a tutorial on how make the ball shark, and if you want a PDF pattern for it where you don’t have to stare at your computer screen, (or live in fear that the pattern is going to vanish from the web before you get to make it, like I do) she offers one as well for $2.00 US on Craftsy.


I am adding this little shark to the list by Critterbeans over on Ravlery because his name cracks me up. Chum the shark. The pattern is $4.00 and contains 6 pages of full colour step by step directions.

As a neat thing, you can find Chum turned into a baby lovey blanket for sale on Etsy over at Karla’s Crochet Cottage. I would have never thought to do that with a shark, especially one named Chum. I still love that name. It makes me giggle.


I love the idea of shark slippers. I would make these for everyone I know if I knew they would wear them. Good chance everyone would just think I’m weird…or at least weirder than they already think I am. The pattern comes in infant to adult sizes and can be found on Etsy for $5.00.

As a side note, there is a Pintrest post that says that you can get the pattern for free, but it takes you to TheWhoot where there are two links. One to purchase the slippers already made, and one for the Etsy pattern. There is no free version listed. Maybe they were free at one time?


Red Heart Yarn has provided the pattern for this scrubby puppet for bath time. Kids love bath toys and puppets so this will sure to be a hit. Personally, I would find it a bit too rough to bath with and would probably use it for making dish washing time fun time…because I’m like that.





 Shark cat house anyone? Your cat wants to celebrate Shark Week too! Maybe your cat wants to know what it’s like to get eaten by a shark, don’t judge your furry friend! You can find the instructions in PDF format over at Bu Banana.






It makes me sad that the pattern for this feline shark hat isn’t available. You have to buy the finished product from Nala’s Cat. It’s popular enough, even at $30 USD that there is a 3 week wait for them. Now, there are a number of patterns for cat shark hats on the net, but none are as awesome as this; they don’t don’t have a shark tail in the back. I’m telling you, it would totally be worth the ER trip to put this on my cat.

“Why did your cat attack you?”

“He didn’t like me putting a cat sized shark hat on him.”


Lastly, here’s an awesome shark hat for humans. Yes, I know this is a pattern that has to be bought as well ($4.00 USD on Ravelry – toddler to adult sizes), but Heidi Yates‘ hat is super awesome. There are a number of shark hats on the internet, but most of them don’t have the tail fin. It’s just like a shark head, and not an entire shark. I want an entire shark. Plus, look at those angry eyes and how the shark looks like it is devouring your head! Not only can you wear it while watching your favourite shark programming on TV, but it will double as a hat to keep you warm in the winter. Better yet, make a second one and extend out the tail where it’s long enough to use as a scarf for the winter.



These are just some of the awesome shark crochet projects and patterns out there. Are you going to make any of these while watching Michael Phelps race a shark? Seriously, who thinks of this stuff?

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