The Doily Dilemma

It’s two weeks out from closing on the house and I am more than excited. I want to make things for the house and it’s a bit…what is the word I want…discouraging because at every turn one of my family members tells me why making whatever it is that I found is a bad idea. Case in point, I have started work on the placemats and I have been told that they are tacky and look like something someones grandma would use. Seriously?

I think they are quite nice. Granted, I do need to change the colours to match the kitchen/dining room.I was also told they were going to get stained and that using yarn for anything is a bad idea.


I told them to suck it up, that they are getting made anyway and they will be used. We will have a spot for a table and people will eat at the table. There is new carpet in the house (ranging from off white to light beige) and it’s not getting stained. We should not have to shampoo it a week after moving in.

I feel like Edward Norton from Fight Club. If you read the book he mentions how his entire apartment came out of the Ikea catalog. That is going to be my house. Not that I have anything against Ikea. I love Ikea. Going to Ikea is like going to Disneyland for me. Only my best friend understands my love of Ikea. I swear, in some alternate reality we’re dating and Ikea was our first date. Seriously though, my spawn have picked out everything for the house from the Ikea catelog down to metal coasters. Why don’t I put my foot down you ask?

  1. We are talking 4 adult girls (age range 18 to 22) and one of them is on the autism spectrum.
  2. We need new furniture. Seriously. All I am going to say is that when we moved into this place we had to sign an addendum/waiver thing that states that we were told there may be bedbugs in the apartment, because apartment.
  3. I have learned to pick and choose my battles over the year. This isn’t one of the “important” ones. Every piece of furniture they have justified as to why it’s been picked out.

The problem is, anything outside of that Ikea catalog doesn’t fit the aesthetic and they forget that there are other people involved in all this and the two dominate personalities of the bunch tend to leave everyone else out.

This brings us to the doilies.

My inner hippy loves this.

The only directions I can find  is basically “sew together doilies”. My thought was to make something like this for the kitchen window over the sink. Naturally I have been give at least a half dozen reasons why this is a bad idea from “They will get ruined” to “anything yarn is a bad idea”. Okay then.

If people are going to fight me about putting them in the kitchen, they can go in the craft room, right? So I went in search of doilies. It didn’t take long for me to feel like I have zero crochet skills and that none of my doilies will be good enough for such a curtain (or would this be considered a window treatment?).  There are people out there who have more talent, patience, and magic than I do. Look at some of these pieces of art that I came across.

There was no pattern to go with this first one, but it was listed as a “doily for beginners”. I don’t think so.


Halloween Doily – Pattern can be purchased here

Pattern can be purchased here 

Pattern can be purchased here (affiliate link)

Pattern (although I am sure this was made using magic)

I don’t know who Maggie is or who she sold her soul to for this kind of
talent, but I want in on it. Pattern can be bought here

Then there are things like this created using crochet voodoo where a number
of bits of different patterns are put together to create something amazing.
Read more about this on on Ravelry.

Pattern found on Ravelry

Pattern can be purchased here

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