Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn

If you ever want to know how much yarn you have, trying packing it up to move. I have packed up one good sized box already, and we all know that yarn can be squished and you can fit a lot of it in a box. I’m working on packing my second box…

Here’s the worst part. I decided to pack up all my yarn except what I was using at the moment. I mean, moving day is 16 days away and with packing how much crocheting can I actually get done? I’m actually working on three projects , well two really, I haven’t started third…yet. Project #1 is a summer tank that takes one colour of yarn. Project #2 takes 5 colours. This means there is a bit of yarn I’ve not packed up.

This is where it gets bad. I had two yarn orders arrive today. In my defense one of those two orders was the blue yarn I need for my African follower ogopogo. I decided to do it in Cleveland Monster colours: white, wine, blue, yellow, and black.  I thought the idea was amusing and appropriate since Lake Erie claims it has it’s own lake monster, which the local hockey team named itself after.

The second yarn order is for Project #3, the place mats I am making for the new house. So, I packed up all this yarn and ended up with 21 new skeins that I will be using as well. I really want those place mats done around moving time. Now I just need to find a bag to stick these in where I can keep them out of the way.

A while back I found a good deal on Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream yarn cones and took advantage of it since this is my favourite yarn. When those yarn cones arrived in the mail they were in a large box. I mean a really large box. Yarn cones don’t pack up well because they are yarn cones. I refuse to pack them in the same manner in which they arrived because moving with my family is a huge exercise in patience. There is a good chance that the box would get crushed/damaged. I know, it’s just yarn, but storing yarn cones is hard enough. I don’t want to have to try and store squashed yarn cones. I bought a yarn winder and I am working through yarn cones (7 to go) turning them into this:

These yarn donuts pack away nicely. I keep saying the lighting in this apartment is crap, this is a good example. That picture makes the yarn look more “Christmas colours” than it is. The colour is Ahoy and it’s supposed to be greens, oranges, and white. I can’t help thinking that the time I am investing in this right now is going to be useful after the move because these donuts are going to be so much easier to store.

Can we talk about winding yarn for a moment? I remember as a kid watching my mother crochet. She always bought center pull yarn skeins. In fact, for the longest time I thought that all yarn came like that. I was seriously confused when I discovered it didn’t. Lily’s sure isn’t center pull. I’ve also discovered their yarn sometimes gets wound in a tangled mess on cones. If there is one thing in this world I don’t have patience for it’s untangling yarn. I could probably name 100 highly unpleasant things I would rather do than untangle yarn. Anyway, back to my mother for a moment. She would buy center pull yarn skeins then roll to turn around and make yarn balls. This made no sense to me then and it makes no sense to me now.

I can also tell you I have no patience to make yarn balls.

Checking out other crochet blogs I discovered all the cool kids were using yarn winders to make center pull yarn donuts. After some thought I decided I needed one. Much like the blue yarn I had to order for my ogopogo, I had to order my yarn winder. I got the one from Loops & Threads through Michaels (affiliate link). I really wanted an electric one but I wasn’t willing to pay the price that I was seeing for them, so this one would have to do…plus I actually remembered to use one of my 40% off a regular priced item coupon. Now I am able to make yarn donuts. I did see a link on pintrest somewhere about making these on a toilet paper roll, but if I have no patience to make yarn balls, I’m not going to have the patience for that.

I like my yarn winder. No major complaints. It took me a bit to get used to it and I was finding myself tangling yarn. In my defense I was paying more attention to one of my favourite episodes of Star Trek Voyager that was on TV, but still…tangled yarn! UGH! Seriously, if you buy a lot of yarn that isn’t already center pull, get one of these, if for no other reason than yarn donuts are cool to look at. Anyway, these donuts stack really nice in my packing boxes. Mission accomplished.

Now, about this yarn I ordered. I seriously resent having to spend an hour tracking down the blue yarn that I needed for my ogopogo. When I want/need yarn for a project I want to be able to walk into a store and buy it. All I wanted was a couple skeins of Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream Blue Dazzle.

It’s blue. It’s a normal Sugar ‘n Cream colour. Almost every online store has it. I can buy it on Etsy and eBay as well. I just can’t buy it locally. Apparently retailers don’t think anyone crochets, knits, or does other yarn crafts with blue yarn. I mean, I can find all the pastel shades of blue as well as indigo but just a pure unaltered blue. Nope. Not happening. If I have to order something I am going to shop around and get the best price, because now I have to pay shipping. Because the yarn gods hate me, I found the best price on eBay, but it meant buying more than I need at the moment, so more yarn for me to pack up.

You know what else I can’t find locally? Lion Brand 24/7 yarn (another affiliate link). Every line of Lion Brand yarn is sold everywhere here…except this stuff. Probably because the yarn gods hate me, or everyone in this area just loves scratchy yarn.  Maybe both. The Metro DC area is pretty weird. 24/7 cotton yarn is what was recommended for the place mats I am making.

Look at those pretty colours. I don’t know why, but after reading the directions for the place mats I thought these were full sized yarn skeins. Nope, they are the smaller sized ones. I seriously don’t pay attention to how much yarn is the skeins of yarn I don’t buy (I think I’ve mentioned before how my hate of acrylic yarn burns with the intensity of a thousand suns) to see how much of a difference there is between these denser cotton skeins than other stuff. It might actually be around the same amount of yarn. Maybe someone can tell me.

In my search for Lion Brand 24/7 yarn was a lot harder than the search for blue because everywhere I looked on line was out of at least one colour I needed for the project. I ended up having to order it from Wal-Mart of all places. Unless it’s 3 am I don’t like going into my local Wal-Mart. Seriously, self trepanation (or untangling yarn) would be more enjoyable than going into my local Wal-Mart. But guess what? You can’t  pick up orders at 3 am. This particular trip to Wal-mart we picked up a few things that we needed for moving, since we were there. It resulted in no less than 3 people hitting me with their cart.

I can’t think of anything else to say here so I should probably get back to my yarn donuts. They aren’t going to wind themselves.

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