Musings on Running a Crochet Business

Fair warning, this blog post just contains a lot of random thoughts in no particular order…

Musing #1: I realized not long after I started this blog that there was a balance that was needed. Two groups of people would be visiting it, other crafters and those interested in what I make. I needed content that would appeal to both. No idea if I’ve found that balance. If I put to much thought into it I would probably get nothing done. I am curious how others do it.

Musing #2: I started reading books on how to expand/start/run your own crafting business. These books sound like self-help seminars and are putting me to sleep. I’ve heard most of this before when I sold Usborne Books. So many meetings on how to market yourself, how to promote your business, blah blah blah. One thing I have learned is I suck at promoting myself. I can promote others until the cows come home. When it comes to myself I feel like I am being pushy and pretentious. I have a really hard thing going “Look at this really cool thing I made” most of the time. Currently I’m really excited about the chicken clutch I made and have to show it to everyone because it’s cool and weird and I love it very much and it’s going everywhere with me. I know I really need to get over this.

Currently I am reading these two books (if you want to check them out, click on the covers – uses affiliate links)











The first is putting me to sleep. It has a lot of good information but it reads like someone transcribed an Amway motivational seminar word for word and put it in a book. Okay, it’s probably not that bad, but the author does sound like a motivational speaker for one of those type conventions. It’s written by a husband and wife home business team, she makes doll clothes and, if this book is any indication, he talks a lot. I would like to say that the best part of the book is when he interviews her and starts with things like “Do you remember when?” but it’s really not. Seriously, if you can get past something written in this manner, it’s got a lot of good info.

The second is more my speed. It has just as much useful information (some the same, some different) but is written in a manner that doesn’t make my brain want to commit harikari. It has blocked off sections with ‘been there done that’ wisdom from other crafters.

Musing #3: This kind of goes with the above. I was reading about branding and contacted a friend of mine who is going to school for that sort of thing, some sort of graphic arts/marking degree. I asked him to create me a logo and told him when it was done it could go in his portfolio. When he looked at the website, he didn’t run screaming or yell at me, so I guess that means it’s laid out well. He also said “That’s really cool!” If that’s any indication, I’m onto something. I just need to work on promoting and marking myself.

I did give him an idea to work with that kind of goes along with the name Stitching Yarns. The name was meant to be a play on words, since stitching yarns could also mean telling tales and every crochet project tells a story of some sort. The story might come from the person who designed the pattern, why a crocheter decided to make it, or why someone decided to buy it.

The only thing that sucks about getting a custom logo is I am going to have to get my business cards and stuff redone. Oh well.

Musing #4: I can’t wait to move. Closing on the house is in three weeks (provided no freak happenings happen). There are the obvious reasons for wanting to move. Living in a small apartment where you are tripping over your cat, your dog, for furniture, and your family members suck, not to mention only having one bathroom and having to fight for it. There is no room for anything and you have to put up with your neighbor training for the door slamming Olympics. Then there are the other reasons…I get a craft room. After so many years I get my own space for my stuff. I have always had to make a spot in a family room or something where I would have to fight the cat to use anything. There is also decent lighting in the house-to-be where every picture doesn’t look like it was put through a urine coloured filter and corrected in Photoshop. No matter what I do, I can’t take a decent picture in this apartment to save my life, except for this picture of my cat…

He managed to look right into my phone as the flash went off and blinded himself. To this day he bites me when I try to take his picture because of this.

Anyway, I seriously can not wait to redo most of my photos for Etsy and my web store. I also can’t wait to have the room to keep stock laying around rather than doing things as orders come in due of lack of storage space. Nothing would make me happier than to tell someone “Yes, I have that. Let me get it” instead of “Give me a couple days to get that to you.”

Now I am  wondering what kind of craft fairs the area we are moving to has…

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