Chicken Clutch

Yes, you read that right. Chicken clutch…as in a purse like thing without straps.  I can’t say this enough, I LOVE THIS THING!!

This is one of those patterns I don’t remember how I came across, but I am glad that I did. As soon as I seen it I knew I had to make it. The pattern is 7 years old (surprised it’s still on the net) and can be found on the old Roman Sock website. It appears that this blog has been abandoned, as it’s not been updated since sometime in 2015 when a pattern store was launched. This makes me sad. The chicken clutch is such a novel and unique idea. I’m also sad she never put up the pattern for the smaller chicken coin purse. It uses the same pattern so I might have to figure out what goes into scaling it down.







I can not wait until we move because this apartment has the crappiest lighting and I can’t do much about it.

Anyway, it took me two days to make and I kept complaining about looking at the same colour yarn. I like projects where I can change yarn colours or use variegated yarn where I don’t grow bored. I guess I am just weird like that. I assume everyone else hates changing colours because weaving in ends. That doesn’t bother me.

I put stuffing in the chicken it would stand up for the picture. I am one of those people who, if they did that “what’s in my purse/bag” meme thing, there would be like 5 items. I just can’t think of anything that I really need to carry around with me outside of a comb, my phone, my inhaler, my wallet and maybe a pen.

The pattern annoyed me a bit. This is a serious pet peeve of mine when it comes to crochet patterns, and almost everyone is guilty of it. “Sew beak onto chicken.” I really wish people would explain how to sew parts onto projects. Is it really so hard to show in pictures, or tell how they did it? I assume that the pattern designer knows the best way to attach parts for their patterns.

The beak didn’t work out how it was supposed to and ended up difficult to deal with so I had to make it a bit bigger. I am going to have to rework this because the beak isn’t pointy enough. It looks like the poor chicken blunted it’s beak with excessive pecking. The 10 cm. beanbag that goes in the bottom for weight doesn’t seem quite big enough, but I can only assume this was put together for people who actually put things in their purse (I could probably make due with a half sized chicken). Other than that, I love how it turned out. I really think that everyone needs a chicken clutch.

I am currently taking orders, if interested. You can order one either on Etsy or in the site web shop.

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