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DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. The opinions expressed here are mine, and no one asked for them, but this is my website and I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about at the moment.

Visiting websites one day I came across an affiliate link for I Like Crochet magazine. I wish I could remember who the site belonged to where I could give a shout out to the person responsible for sending me that way, but, much like many things on the net, I have no idea what website I seen it on. In the world of affiliates there are the normal suspects that everyone seems to have like Red Heart yarn. The banner for I Love Crochet got my attention because it was a magazine cover.

I like magazines. Especially craft magazines and Guitar World. Naturally it got my attention. I checked out the website briefly and bookmarked it to go back to at a later date. I was currently in a fight with Crochet World Magazine over payment and didn’t want to commit to another magazine. Crochet World offers up a free magazine to check it out and if you want to keep getting a subscription you pay the invoice they send you. I purchased a digital subscription (after all, I have to store these things) and they continued to send me invoices for the print magazine. Apparently they thought I needed both.

One thing that I love about getting digital magazines subscriptions these days is that you get full access to all the back issues. So many things to make!

This brings me to I Like Crochet. It is a digital magazine only. There is no print version. This means that you aren’t actually getting a magazine subscription as much as you are getting a website membership. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but more about that later.

You are given the option of a web subscription, a tablet subscription, or both. I was going to opt for a subscription on my tablet, but after reading the reviews on the app, it’s rather unreliable. Web subscription it was then. I do want to point out that you can easily access the website and read the magazine without the app on a tablet.

I was disappointed that there were no pages to flip. I like flipping pages, even digital pages. The first time you go through a magazine is a small surprise with every page turn. You never know what is going to be on the next page. Most digital magazines have some sort of magazine reader that you use. No this one. You have to navigate it like a website. There are options to search by issue – with a clickable table of contents that takes you to a page with each article, or you can do it by article or pattern. This is why I say it’s more of a website subscription than a magazine subscription. This isn’t a deal breaker though.

Each issue has a tutorial where you can learn a new technique, there are articles and interviews, and a lot of patterns in each “issue”. By a lot of patterns I mean over 30 patterns. That is a lot more than other magazines! After all, that is why we get crochet magazines, because we want to make things. With access to back issues, that is somewhere around 630 projects (or more) available. Everything from amigurumi animals to scarves to other projects. One of my favourites so far is this wall hanging for little kids.

The little animals come out of the trees and the flowers come off the buttons to teach kids to button. I don’t have any small children to make this for, but I have a friend in Australia who has a one year old niece that gets all the adorable little kids projects that I want to make. My postage bill to Australia is ridiculous. I am considering making this and sending it along. I still have a number of back issues to go through, so I might find something else. We will see.

Anyway…not every pattern is going to appeal to everyone. That is to be expected with every magazine, book, and website.

I do feel that I Love Crochet is a well kept secret. They don’t do a lot of advertising and unless you come across someones affiliate link, you may never hear of them. I think everyone should give the I Love Crochet site a once over, check out what they have to offer, and consider adding it to their magazine subscriptions.

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