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We are in the process of buying our own home. We’ve spent years living in an apartment and moving every few years. In the beginning it was part of being a military family, later I think it just became a matter of habit. Living in an apartment or a rented house, I’ve never been too keen on actual decorating. It’s been a lot of “here is what we need, here is where it’s going unless it upsets someones feng shui. Now that we are going to own our own home I’m looking for ways to decorate, at least some. I may have spent the last 14 years or whatever playing The Sims, but that and my unnatural familiarity with the Ikea catalog does not make me an interior decorator.

The big thing is kitchen/dining room items. I have spent days looking for crochet place mat patterns. The kitchen is mostly white with some purple accents. The marble counters have purple in them and the tiles on the wall behind the stove have pale lavender flowers on it.

I’m looking for practical things like place mats and pot holders. I’m not interested in doilies. I don’t want to think what “creative” things my family would do with doilies.

After going through I don’t know how many place mat patterns I’ve decided I’m partial to these place mats by Little Monkey’s Crochet

Ironically, the colours that have been used for this picture would work perfectly in the kitchen. Looking at the yarn she’s used though, I don’t think I’ve seen Lion Brand 24/7 in the stores here. I am going to have to double check because I am impatient and hate waiting for things I’ve mail ordered. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be hard to make a matching smaller version for matching coasters. My only question is, what about purple chickens?

Yes, I said purple chickens. I am all about these chickens…

They appear to be a modification of this pattern for towel toppers. I suppose I could do them in grey or white where they don’t look odd, but at the same time, I don’t like using white for most things because it stains too easily.

I also feel compelled to make crocheted bok choy as a decoration.

The only problem is, I don’t know how many bok choy is too many. How does one display bok choy? Does it need other food friends like Brussel sprouts?

Maybe I could have the bok choy and sprouts and a few other veggies re-enact scenes from Star Wars….

Like I said, this is a new experience for me and it’s going to be interesting. It’s probably a good thing that everyone that knows me is used to my brand of weirdness and wouldn’t blink at purple chickens and Luke Sproutwalker.

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