Fibromylagia Spa Gift

Some of you may have noticed that I put a fibromylagia related spa set up on Etsy. I thought that I would share the story behind this.

We are currently living on the third floor of an apartment building. If you haven’t lived in an apartment, it’s an experience. We have had a neighbor who spent his weekends, starting at 6:00am, or so, playing his bagpipes. We have a neighbour who starts slamming their door somewhere around 5:30 every day and it continues all day several times a day. We have had the pizza guy show up at our door past midnight because someone wrote down an apartment number wrong. We have a school bus driver try and drive through the apartment parking lot and fail. It took her 20 minutes one day to navigate the bus out of the predicament she put it in. There is the ice cream truck that shows up when everyone is at work and the kids are at school and wonders why he doesn’t make any sales. You experience nearly everything living in an apartment.

For a number of months the apartment complex tried to get funding to do remodeling and repairs. The only way they could get it was to revamp the complex as low income housing. We had one of the office workers tell us, “You make too much money, you are going to be asked to move soon.”

With that an adventure started. After being traumatized by living in an apartment, we decided to buy a house. The good news is, we found a really nice one that will suit us well, and it was done with little aggravation.

But the aggravation we ran into was uncalled for.

The first day we set out to look at houses we looked at four of them. The first one was a huge nope. The family didn’t leave for us to look at it, which was really awkward, and it was the typical cramped house with a lot of rooms for the area. House number two was better, but the yard was nothing but a concrete path and poison ivy. I wish I was joking about that. House number 3 was at the top of our list. Out in the country, huge yard, lots of room. We get out there and there is no key in the lock box so we can’t look at the inside. Our realtor calls the listing agent and talks to him. We have to make arrangements to go back out there the next day. House number 4 was a good second pick.

Keep in mind this was about a 30 minute drive both ways and being in the car during a fibro flare sucks. House hunting with a fibro flare sucks. Doing anything with a fibro flare sucks, but the point is, car time, walking around, not being able to rest, and low pressure coming in because of storms. It was miserable. And because misery loves company it turns out our realtor is also a sufferer of fibromylagia. We spent some time comparing notes. Did I mention it was Mother’s Day?

We go back out to the house the next day. At this point the fibro pain is worse and all I want to do is sleep. Our realtor’s flare is so bad she had to have her husband drive her out to the house. That day she tells the listing agent we’re going to make an offer on the house. All seems good.

I got to thinking about something that I seen on the listing site and wanted to ask the realtor if she could get information on before the contract goes in. I go to the link that I saved for the house and it’s listed as being under contract. I email the realtor, she emails the listing agent.

In an act of complete inconsideration, he couldn’t bother to tell our realtor that there was a pending contract. We had to find out by looking at the listing. She talked to him on Mother’s Day. She talked to him the day after Mother’s Day and he could not be bothered to extend the professional courtesy of letting us know that someone else was also interested in the house as well. I mean, there is nothing wrong with the owner having different offers and contracts to look at, but the listing agent could have said something. This would have also prevented a lot of physical discomfort on my end and our realtors end because we wouldn’t have bothered, especially in the midst of a fibro flare. That falls under “F**k this s**t.”

Back to the listings. House number 5 that we looked at is a keeper. In fact, we have the ratified contract, we have loan papers signed, we have a home inspector appointment set up. Unless something horrible is wrong with the house that the home inspector finds, we will be moving very soon.

Naturally I want to do something nice for our realtor. She has a second job (she was working with us in the evenings and weekends), and she could have easily passed us off to someone else in her office because she wasn’t feeling well, but she didn’t. She’s been a real trooper and helped us find somewhere and has stayed on top of what needs to be done.  She’s awesome.

This is where I came up with the Fibro Spa Set. Especially after I found the pattern for the Fibromylagia Voodoo Doll I included. Soft fluffy cotton spa items seemed to be the way to go (I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not keen on the idea of fibro awareness items because I am quite aware I’m in pain and suffering brain fog and just want to sleep, I don’t always want to broadcast that to the world). I included lavender bath salts, and the voodoo doll. Sometimes I just want to relax and hope the pain subsides. What better way than to do that with a warm bath filled with lavender bath salts? (I mean actual scented Epson salts, not the street drug that turns people into face eating zombies. Just thought I would clarify that.) If such a thing is appealing to me, there’s a good chance that it’s appealing to another fibro sufferer. I was right.


I have finished an eye mask since turning the spa set over to her (she hugged the voodoo doll) that I need to give her yet. I wanted to make sure my idea was going to work.

I took the owl eye mask done by Firefly Crochet and added rice between the eye parts where it can be put in the freezer to hold cold for a while to help with those nasty fibro headaches. I am also not a fan of elastic on eye masks because it eventually stretches out of shape.

The full list of items that are included:

  • The over-sized fluffy bath pouf and reusable face scrubbies came from The Stitchin’ Mommy
  • The over-sized washcloth was a slight modification of this Killer Discloth on Ravelry
  • The headband came from Pattern Paradise
  • The lid cozy for the bath salt jar is actually the large flower base from this multilayered flower from Hopeful Honey.
  • I’ve already provided the links for the voodoo doll and eye mask.
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