Barefoot Sandal Round Up

I recently discovered something called barefoot sandals (okay, I live under a rock) and I think this is these are the greatest idea ever. First I hate shoes. I always have. Second due to the various chronic health problems I have, sometimes wearing shoes is downright painful and the pain stays long after the shoes have come off making walking rest of the day painful. Barefoot sandals offer a bit of flexibility in “shoe wear”, as there are no actual laws in the US that state that you have to wear shoes anywhere. I highly encourage you to embrace your inner tree hugging hippy and try this out.

There are a plethora of patterns on the web, both paid and free (this post contains both) for barefoot sandals, but these are so far my favourites.

You can purchase pre-made barefoot sandals from between $10 and $20 through various places on the net (I am considering putting some in my Etsy store) and I have seen some go for as much as $53 and one pair was over $100! If you know how to crochet, why bother paying for them when you can whip them up yourself using minimal yarn/crochet thread in an hour or two?


Head over to Kati D Creations for this free pattern. I personally love the pictures that she made using variegated colours. The best part of this pattern is she has the appropriate adaptations included to make it in adult, child, and baby size. Barefoot sandals for everyone!






Into skulls? Maybe you just want to make your inner goth kid and inner tree hugging hippie happy at the same time. Maybe you are looking for a gift for that person in your life who likes skulls and want something different. Whatever the reason, these lovely barefoot sandals from The Happy Hooker over on Ravelry fit the bill. As a side note, I should do a round up sometime of all the skull crochet projects I have come across. These would go great with at least one of the skull shawls I have found.


These pretty flower barefoot sandals can be found over at The Little Bucket Boutique on Ravelry. These are the kind of flowers that you can make in any colour and they will look awesome. I might have to do that since I am the sort of person who, when they find something they like, buys it in every colour. These would be a nice accessory for a barefoot wedding.



These were found over on Gleeful Things. They are one of the more detailed/intricate free patterns I have come across and another pattern that might work well for a barefoot wedding accessory. She has a number of paid patterns in her Etsy store, one of which I will be showing under paid patterns. I never made the connection between the website and the Etsy store since I found them as two different pins on Pintrest with no mention of the other places the designer can be found on the web.




Over at 356 Crochet I found these arachnid barefoot sandals. It took me a minute to figure out why they were named as such, but if you look closely you can see the spider. Rest of the pattern serves as it’s web. It might be kind of cool to do the spider in one colour and leave rest of the sandal white.

I highly suggest exploring 365 crochet. There are other patterns for barefoot sandals on this site that I missed (scroll down and go under barefoot sandals) as well as wells as off site links to more patterns.



These heart sandals can be found over at Crochet Rochelle. She uses Caron Simply Soft yarn and a 4.25mm hook, rather than the smaller hooks and thread most of the patterns featured here use making them a good starter project. She also has up some cute shamrock sandals that I missed. Be sure to check out her Ravlery page. There are more free barefoot sandal patterns there, many for small children.



These are available over on Ralvery and are made by Thomasina Cummings Designs. She has a few variations of this pattern with different dangling embellishments. She is the first person I have seen also suggest that barefoot sandals can be worn as hand jewelry. Something to consider if you aren’t all that keen on going barefoot.




PAID PATTERNS: Each of these patterns I have bought and will be making, because who doesn’t like options?

Both of these patterns can be found in Shannon Kilmartin’s Ravelry store. It took me some time to find the white tri-knot ones. Every link I came across came up saying her blog had been removed. After two or three days of searching I finally found them on Ravelry. The only other pattern she has up for sandals is for the red ones. As a side note, keep her in mind this winter if you need a hat. She has an awesome selection to choose from.


Another pattern I found on Etsy by CrochetMonkie. She actually markets them as beach wedding sandals. A lot of people do the barefoot wedding thing, and these – or a different “dressy” barefoot sandal – would make an ideal foot adornment for the occasion.

I’ve actually never added beads to my crochet work and I thought these would be a good place to learn. I picked up the beads the last time I was at Joann’s and came home only to realize I never saved the pattern link to my Pintrest board and had to spend another two hours looking for it. I was starting to think I had imagined them.


From CrochetPatternA, also on Etsy is this daisy chain version. Daisies are fun, invoke spring and being carefree, and make stylish barefoot sandals. There are a few free versions of a similar patters to this floating around the internet, but of all the patterns this one comes out looking the best (at least from what I have seen in pictures).

This is one of the best written patterns I have seen, it has diagrams and coloured pictures done tutorial style to go with the written pattern.



Remember up in the free patterns when I said I was going to share a paid pattern from Gleeful Things? These poppy sandals are in the Gleeful Things Crochet shop and there are patterns included for two different variations, the one pictured here, and one with a larger single poppy flower on it.




In the world of paid crochet patterns, this Celtic knot barefoot sandal pattern is probably the best bargain, and here is why – for the same price that you might pay for a single pattern, you get a booklet with 9 patterns in it, including this one. It just happens to be my favourite out of the bunch. There is sure to be one or two more patterns included that you will like as well. You have the option of either English or German patterns.




There you have it, 13 barefoot sandals to get you started for the summer season. I have more saved on my barefoot sandal Pintrest board and I am always adding more.

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