Mass Effect Crochet Patterns

I was doing so good keeping up with this blog and then I got sick…again…then Mass Effect Andromeda came out and I am dealing with the end of the season craziness that comes with the machinima film festival I run. Now I feel guilty. One can’t effectively run a blog – or a build a business that relies on said blog – if they aren’t doing updates. I spent four years or so working in social networking and social media marketing. I’m good at managing other peoples stuff but mine…not so much.

So, I’ve been wasting time playing Mass Effect Andromeda. Anyone familiar with gaming terminology will understand the phrase “life ruiner. (Spellcheck wanted to change ‘ruine’ to ‘urine’. I don’t think so.)  Origin tells me I have clocked in 415 hours of Mass Effect Andromeda. Dear Bioware: Can I have my life back?

In honour of all this time I could be spending on something more useful (like my blog and crochet projects) I give you a rather small Mass Effect crochet round up.

It’s kind of hard to find patterns Mass Effect related, and most of them have been put together by two different people. The majority of patterns I have run across for things like scarves or arm warmers have been knitted and there is no way I am picking up knitting needs again. I can’t knit to save my life (i don’t have that kind of coordination) and I am more than likely to hurt myself…or someone in close proximity.

The majority of people who have made crochet Mass Effect items have chosen to sell finished products rather than share the patterns. I even made my own simple Mass Effect business card holder.

I am currently working on a pixel square afghan based on the Hanar (for those not familiar with Mass Effect, it’s the pink one) in this collection of perler bead projects a friend of mine came across…

By my estimations the Hanar is going to be approximately 5 foot tall and almost 4 feet wide when finished. Should make a nice sized blanket. My desk is currently covered in pixel squares for this project. I have a lot of ends to weave in and I  need to start blocking them. Between this project and an afghan I am making from pixel squares for a a friend of mine I am going to be making little squares forever.

This is supposed to be a crochet round up so I best get on with the patterns. The first batch of patterns come from DIY Geekery So I shall start with those.

In order we have Blasto, the first Hanar specter (I am all about Blasto), a Volus (“I am a biotic god!”), A reaper, Liara, Garrus, Legion, Commander Shepard, and Thane. (Click on the images for a larger pictures).









I found an alternative pattern design for Liara over on Ravelry by Alison Mohler. I do like the head on this one a bit more. The ‘tentacles’ (I don’t know what else to call them) look more Asari like than on the first where they look more braided. I decided to check out Alison’s Ravelry page and found some other Mass Effect offerings and came across Katsumi, Grunt, Wrex, Samara, and another version of Legion.









I was  excited to find a crochet pattern of Grunt and a friend of mine told me, “It’s not bulky enough to be a Krogan.” Having not tried any of these patterns yet, a bulkier Krogan might turn out a bit odd or be difficult to make. At some point I may have to give it a go and see how it turns out.

Lastly, I found an alternate Female Commander Shepard pattern over on Tumblr that is really cute…and her eyes aren’t bugging out in surprise of seeing alien butt for the first time…

Speaking of Commander Shepard, I should go.



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