Crocheting Pokemon and Other Random Thoughts

I mananged to avoid the snow storm that attempted to lay waste to the northern part of the East Coast. We ended up on the rain/snow line and ended up with more of a slush storm than anything. Experts (whoever they are – no names or titles were given) are saying that the freezing temps and ice/slush/snow will probably kill up to 90% of the cherry blossoms here in the DC area. Bad for the Cherry Blossom Festival, awesome for my allergies. I may get through this years allergy season without needing antibiotics becuase of never ending sinus infections.

I’m am so done with this being sick thing. I am on month two or three of illness (I’ve lost track) and I keep hoping it will be over soon. I doubt it will be, but I can be hopeful. I have a stack of half finished crochet projects sitting on my desk annoying my cat (he can’t lay there with all my stuff taking up the space) that includes an afghan I am making for a friend, a commission I should have been done with long ago, a poncho I am making (discovered I like ponchos more than wrapping up in blankets when I am sitting at my desk and I don’t have to fight the dog who constantly wants whatever blanket I have, despite having 3 of his own), and some other stuff. You can’t get stuff finished when you are asleep more than you are awake. Sigh.

I have  been trying to get small things done that need done, such as fixing all the links on the website from the domain/site transfer (I found more that were broken today) and getting it updated (new colours and banner).

I love making Pokemon stuff. I don’t know why. I came into the Pokemon thing very late in the game and all started not long after one of our moves, the release of Pokemon Platinum, and meeting the new neighbor who said to me

Yes, I actually had someone say this to me, and it was followed by an hour and a half of hearing about every single Pokemon they caught in the game. I mean, I heard about where they caught it, if it was traded, what they traded it for, its stats, how they trained it, if it was shiny, and so forth. It took every bit of my being to pretend that I was interested and not make some excuse to get out of it. I think if they could have subjected me to a Power Point presentation, they would have. Thanks to being schooled in Pokemon, even if I was bored tears and had flashbacks of boring college lectures, I ended up taking an interest in the game. I’ve even taken up Pokemon Go, much to the concern of my doctor. That’s another story for another time.

So, crocheting Pokemon items…
When I had the idea of starting my Etsy store, I originally planned on making Pokemon stuff to sell. What it turned into was a place to sell all the stuff I just wanted to make to make, not because I actually wanted it or had a use for it. I still want to do the Pokemon thing because, for whatever reason, I enjoy making things that look like Pokeballs. I mean, I like making them more than anything else, and I can’t explain why. It’s gotten to the point that there are crocheted Pokeballs, of all sizes, all over the house because I make them and then throw them at the cats. The cats now think all Pokeballs are toys, much to the annoyance of others in the house.

I have a rather large collection of Pokemon patterns from hats and scarves and slippers done up Pokeball style, to nearly every plushie pattern I can find (I think I may have a problem. 12 Step Program, anyone?). Many of them are printed out and put in page protectors in 3 ring binders to project them from my cat. He eats my crochet patterns. Don’t believe me? Check this out…

He also chews on my magazines and books and yarn storage items. Considering he doesn’t chew on anything else in the house, I am pretty sure he does this just to get attention or to annoy me. I’m going with the second because my cat is a total problem child.

I have started on a set of Pokeball coasters to put up on Etsy. As if I need more projects going. Looking at the attached picture, I think they may need blocked, especially around the edges at the colour changes. They do look better than the first set I made as a Christmas gift.

This is actually a big problem for me right now. Balancing being sick (long term and chronic health issues suck big time) and all the sleeping that comes with it, getting my crochet business off the ground (and that means getting stuff listed on Etsy), keeping up with my other commitments, and working on projects for myself and friends that I want to do. Whenever I do one I feel guilty about neglecting the others. I carry huge guilt for not updating the blog every day. It’s a no win situation. I know that the ‘easy’ way to do things would be to schedule when I do what, but with unpredictable sleep patterns, that is next to impossible.

Speaking of unpredictable sleep patterns, I’m going back to bed.


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