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With the exception of a cold day here and there, and realativly cold nights, spring weather is here … more or less. At least here in the DC Metro area. I know allergy season is in full effect. Every time I step outside, thanks to all the trees in bloom (especially those dreaded cherry trees) I feel like I have been punched in the face by the allergy fairy despite being on two different allergy medications year round.

The arrival of the warm weather got me thinking. I have a friend who recently started sewing baby blankets to sell. In fact, she hasn’t even set up the Etsy store she plans on doing because she sells things as fast as she makes them. It’s because she’s comfortable talking about what she does. She has pictures on her phone and she’s willing to show anyone that she talks to or who asks. She’s the sort of extrovert I will never be.

I mean, I am not shy about singing Roxanne, Eddie Murphy 48 Hours style, at the top of my lungs with the in house mall music despite the odd looks I might get. Random acts of public weirdness I can do no problem without embarassment. In fact, I do things like this without even thinking. The second someone starts talking to me and asking me about myself I suddenly feel awkward and become the worst of introverts. Interacting with people I don’t know, especially when they want to know about me, is so far out of my comfort zone it’s not funny. Well, it might be, at least to that person who just seen me skipping through the grocery store singing Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold in Simlish and decided to talk to me.

Having your outer introvert in a constant battle with your inner extrovert makes it difficult to promote your business. I had this same problem when I was part of the ‘Commercial Home Business’ crowd selling Usborne Books. People would ask what I did and I would say “I sell kids books.” It was always said in a way that always projected a ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ vibe. It wasn’t something I meant to do, it’s just I don’t like talking about myself. I’m afraid I am going to bore people. I am afraid people are going to find me weird. (Yes, I know, ironic.) I am afraid people don’t really want to hear what I have to say and they will tune out.

In short, I suck at promoting myself. I can promote other people just fine and give them a list of 1001 things off the top of my head to promote themselves. I can promote The Sims machinima film festival I run until the cows come home (whenver that is). Promoting myself, on the other hand…I wish myself luck.

So, as I said, I got to thinking. I asked myself, “Self, what kind of crochet things can you wear out in public in the warm weather that someone might take notice of and ask you where you got it? This would be a conversation starter and a chance to give someone a business card.”

To Pintrest! (That doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “To the Batcave!”)

I found a number of things that would work…

First up is this bow from Tejiendo Peruon Youtube. It’s not nearly as cool as the hair monsters my friend Pixie makes (nothing is as cool as those hair monsters) but I do love this bow. I’m not real good at following along with YouTube videos to make something, but I’m going to try. The cool thing about hair accessories is you can make them in every colour to match whatever you are wearing. Back in the 80’s I was so opposed to shoulder pads, and everything had shoulder pads. You couldn’t escape them. I would rip them out and use the fabric to to make bows to match my shirts. I’m all about hair bows so this is a good choice, I think.

I have no idea if I can pull off an accessory scarf. I have enough problems wearing a scarf in winter to help stay warm. I’m willing to try because I am sure that some Harry Potter fan will recognize this baby as the scarf worn by Luna Lovegood designed by Jen over at Rip It Good.

I always related to Luna and her type of weird. Seriously, she was probably my favourite Harry Potter character so I think a recreation of her scarf might be something I would wear…and it would allow me to embrase my inner geek (truth be told, it’s more of an outer geek).

Another scarf, this one I found over at Fiber Flux. I love the colours on this. I think it might be harder for me to pull off for the simple fact I have no idea what to wear a scarf with. Maybe I could do the Chris Jericho thing and pair it with a t-shirt, or a t-shirt and vest. Then again, I probably shouldn’t take fashion queues from what WWE wrestlers wear down to the ring. Maybe if I paired it with a Chris Jericho t-shirt it would make sense. This is either a brilliant idea or the worst ever…

One thing is certain, one should not take fashion advice from me. Just sayin’.

The directions for this shirt are over at Ravelry. This idea is so simple. This shirt – which would be awesome over a camisole type shirt or a tank top, is so simple to make, you almost don’t need the directions. It’s four large granny squares sewen together. The cool thing about it being made from granny squares makes it easy to adjust the size to how you want it. It will also go togther quickly. I am  thinking it would also work as a beach cover up.





Is it jsut me, or is it really old that every piece of clothing that is promoted as something for spring or summer has the preview picture in pink or white? Really, any pastel colour would work. How about yellow or mint green or pale blue? Spring and summer isn’t about seeing how many shades of pink you can add to your wardrobe, unless you are really into that sort of thing.

Anyway, this oversized dress is from Not sure why the name of the site is Knitted Patterns when they also do crochet, but whatever. I was confused at first thinking that my search filters weren’t working again. Seems internet search engines don’t know the difference between knit and crochet and just returns anything made from weaving yarn together somehow. This dress is crocheted and it’s one of those one size fits most patterns. It’s the sort of thing I would wear with leggings because I’m just not big on dresses. It looks comfortable and that is all that counts.

I am all about things that can be worn over a tank top such as this pretty long sleeved tunic from Knitted Patterns. The best thing, in my opinion, about this pattern is that the directions go up to 3X. Not many people or places offer patterns in larger sizes like that and those that need them are left to figure out how to adapt a pattern from a size 3. I don’t know about anyone else, but my size 0 days are over. I’ve had kids, my body has quit working as it should, and I’ve gained just enough weight that I can’t find clothes that fit properly because the largest ‘normal’ size is too small and the smallest plus size is too big. The upside is I no longer have to worry about being blown away by a strong wind.

I am sure if I go looking, I have saved other project patterns that would fit the bill as a conversation opener and give me the opporutnity to tell people what I do. This should be a good start though, after all, there are only so many hours in the day one can crochet…

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