I have no idea how I came across plarn. It was probably a pin from a pin from a pin on  Pintrest. That’s how many things are found. Anyway, for those that don’t know, plarn is plastic yarn and can be easily be made from plastic grocery store bags … provided your store doesn’t use the kind that biodegrades on its own given time.

I originally came across this post, complete with instructions, on how to make a plarn sleeping mat for the homeless. Making these keeps somewhere between 500 and 600 bags out of landfills and helps people at the same time. Sounds like a win-win situation for those that like to crochet.

A little more investigating and I foundt hat you can make mats out of plarn to put in front of your door to wipe your feet on, you can make baskets out of it, and I have even seen reusable bags and purses made of it. Given the number of grocery store bags in the house that people forget to take to recycling, I decided that I would turn it into plarn. I’m sure I can find a use for plarn.

Today I started making my plarn. I started with the ‘small bag’ of bags. By ‘small bag’ I mean half a kitchen trashbag full. I have no idea how may store bags that is other than A LOT.

The start of my plarn (crappy picture is crappy)…

This is what is left after cutting down all these bags to go to recycle…

After letting out all of the air and tying up the bag of scraps, it was probably 1/4th full. I went from half of a 13 gallon/49 litre kitchen garbage bag full of store bags to this small amouth.

Score one for recycling!

If you haven’t checked out plarn, you should. Even if you decide it’s not something you want to work with. It’s just a really neat idea that I think everyones inner tree hugging hippy can get behind.

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