Awareness Ribbon Pattern

I was actually thinking about how I have run across a handful of people who feel that their chosen cause is the only one that deserves attention during the assigned awareness month. I got to scouring the web for awareness ribbon patterns and found that 99% of the ribbons and ribbon projects had “breast cancer awareness” attached to them. I don’t want pink ribbons, but that was the only way I could find anything. Searching “crochet breast cancer awareness ribbon”.

It’s all in marketing, isn’t it?

Anyway, I spend some time playing around with the various ribbon patterns and made a few modifications and came up with my own pattern version that I am happy with. I plan on turning these into bookmarks, magnets, lapel broches, and anything else I can think of. Please, feel free to make this in other colours besides pink. If you have any questions about how I did this feel free to email me.


Yarn (I used Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream)
3.50mm hook
Tapestry needle

  • Chain 26.
  • In second chain from hook single crochet acrossfor 10 stitches. sc increase for 5 stitches. Single crochet in remaining 10 stitches. Pattern will naturally bend to a ribbon shape. Turn.
  • Slip stitch across the outside portion of the ribbon only. 25 stitches. Finish off.
  • Shape ribbon and secure with a few stitches where the ribbon crosses.
  • Attach yarn at top of ribbon and slip stitch around ribbon. Slip stitch to starting stitch. Finish off and weave in ends.

At this point I tweeked the shape of the ribbon and blocked it.



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