A Dozen Bookmarks to Make

I have been an avid reader since I knew how to read. As a kid, not only did I collect books, but I collected bookmarks. I used to keep them in one of those heavy duty cardboard art boxes that kids used back in the day. To this day I have no idea what happened to those bookmarks – I suspect during that first move when my stuff was packed up when I was at school – and the bulk of it put in storage where I would never see it again – my mother threw them out. My books vanished at the same time with no explanation.

I digress.

Even as I have ventured into the world of e-books, I still collect bookmarks. I have no idea why. I rarely need them now. I actually once used the excuse that I needed one of them to save my place in my e-reader. Yes, I got a weird look but I stand by books need bookmarks … e-books or not. I got to thinking about my need for bookmarks while downloading the new Neil Gaiman book, Norse Mythology and rounded up a dozen free bookmark patterns that I am going to have to make (I even bought a few patterns).

Bookmarks are quick to sew up and make great gifts for the reader in your life.

This locking circle bookmark pattern alluded me for a while. I kept seeing pictures of it but no link to the pattern. I probably could have figured out how the circles hooked together without the pattern, but it was more of the hunt to find the pattern. I know, I’m weird. I am also down rather sick and looking for it gave me something to do on my tablet while resting. I finally found it! Persistence paid off! Saving the link on pintrest and putting it here on my blog means I won’t loose it again 😉



This overlapping heart bookmark looks like it may have originally been inspired by the locking circles (or not). Any shape could really be hooked together in the same manner to make a bookmark. There is no better way to show your love for books – or your favourite book lover – with this bookmark. Valentines Day is right around the corner too! Chocolates, a book, and this bookmark would make an awesome gift! Maybe that’s just me, but one of my biggest irritations in life is that my family and friends (outside of my great-grandmother as a child) have never given me books as gifts. I’ve been told they are “lame presents”.


This one is titled Cat City Bookmark. No idea why, but it’s cats, so who cares. Cats and books are a wonderful combination. Snuggle up under an afghan with a book a purring cat on your lap and a cup of hot chocolate and you’ve got the life. Cat lovers and book lovers alike will enjoy this bookmark.



It doesn’t matter what house you belong to, you can’t go wrong with these Harry Potter Scarf bookmarks from Left in Knots. Be warned, Harry Potter fans will want one of each so be prepared to make the entire set. If you are feeling really ambitious, there are patterns for matching scarves (the kind you wear) on the net. A quick google or pintrest search will produce them. Then you and your book can match!



Is there anyone that doesn’t love owls? The cool thing about this owl bookmark is that it’s creator has stated it can be used as an applique as well. I like things that serve more than one purpose. If you have a friend or family member that collects owls, this will be one that they won’t have in their collection, and homemade gifts are the best. Thought and care and love go into them and show people that you are worth the time it takes to make something.




“What is in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” ~ Shakespeare.

Did I mention that Valentines Day was right around the corner? You could make up a dozen of these rose bookmarks for that special someone rather than give flowers that will wilt. Or you could just make one. Your choice. I mean, how many books can one person read at a time?


Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Who wouldn’t want him guarding their spot in a book? This is bookmark proof that if you are creative and crafty you can make just about anything you want. This isn’t the kind of licensed Disney merch you are going to find in stores!



This is a bookmark for ones inner geek. You can’t go wrong with Cthulhu (even sans wings) when it comes to geekery. For those that don’t know, Cthulhu was created by horror author H.P. Lovecraft as a cosmic entity. An entire mythos, spawning over 2 dozen books, evolves around him along with a Dungeons and Dragons type role playing game. Cthulhu is also what you get when you mash a dragon, an octopus and an human together.




I really have a thing for bookmark animals that look like they have been squashed inside a book. Someone should make bugs like this, it would be awesome!  I’ve lumped the four of these together because they are all the same style – well, maybe not so much the bear, but it would be kind of hard to squash a bear in a book, but no matter. The first three are from Supergurumi (another reason to lump them together). In order:

Book Rat
Book Mouse

If you don’t mind paying for patterns, there are some other ‘squashed’ bookmarks on Supergurumi that are worth checking out including a fox, a sheep, a snake, a Minion, a Rabbid (from the game Raving Rabbids), and a frog.

Get hooking and never loose a page in a book again!


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