Crochet Round Up: This Little Piggy

Yesterday I went looking for a pattern I had saved on Pintrest and, after seeing a cupid pig for Valentines day, got sidetracked looking at pig patterns. I’m not a huge pig person but that didn’t stop me. I found 12 adorable free piggy patterns so dig out that pink yarn, you are going to need it!

Let’s start with the pig that started me on the search for pigs. This cupid pig pattern can be found on the Red Heart website. I won’t lie, he (she?) made me giggle. I showed it to a friend of mine who thought it was adorable. I seriously wasn’t expecting a pig to fill in for cupid, but what do I know. At any rate it’s the perfect Valentines day present for that special pig lover in your life. I’m sure this is one they don’t have in their collection.

I won’t lie, I’m in love with this weird looking pig from Jo’s Croceheteria. With those huge eyes he reminds me of a cartoon pig. I am all about the giant round bulbous piggy eyes. They rock! There is a good chance this guy is going to end up on the list of weird stuffed toys I am making for my friend’s niece. More than likely I’ll make one for my desk too. Come to think of it, I think I have a friend who collects pigs. I should check on that….

This cute little pig is from Busy Fingers Busy Life. She states that it the first  amigurumi pattern she came up with. I would say it’s a success because this pig is adorable! You can’t see the backside from this picture, but the three small buttons that embellish the rump of the pig just adds to the piggy power.

The amusement a chicken getting a piggy back ride gave me was great. It can be found over at and was designed by Michelle Wilcox. I’m not sure what she was thinking when she came up with this idea but I love it. I grew up on a farm and if I had ever seen one of the chickens going for a piggy back ride on one of the pigs I probably would have never shut up about it so I had to share this with everyone.

I’m not sure why, but this sitting pig, who the creator named Willy, looks rather sad…even though he has a giant lolly. Maybe he’s afraid no one is going to make him up and give him love. Maybe the other pigs make fun of him because of his name. I mean, Willy is kind of a silly name. Most kids named William would be embarrassed if someone called them Willy. Just sayin’. I have no idea why such a cute pig would be sad. I got nothing. He would make a great addition to any pig or crocheted animal collection or even just sitting on your desk being your desk friend.

Pigs in sweaters, because why not. The creator calls this pattern Fat Pig, but they don’t look fat to me. They look average pig sized to me. Maybe they are big boned. Again, I got nothing. They are pigs, they are cute, they have adorable happy piggy smiles, and they are wearing sweaters so who cares. One thing is for certain, these pigs don’t have to be worried about being turned into dinner. They are too cute!

Another sitting pig, this one from Amigurumi to Go, called Crochet Along Pig. He measures 10 inches when done (that’s almost Barbie size) so it’s a good size for a child’s toy. The instructions are also in Spanish, so that’s cool, you don’t have to rely on Google Translate. I’m wondering if some of the clothing you can find here and there for amigurumi dolls would fit the piggy…

This tiny Teacup Piggy reminds me of piggy bank piggies. It’s part of their appeal. They are small enough, I think (the write up says they are under three inches), to make key chains out of too. I’m also all for making green, white, and red piggies and turning them into Christmas Tree ornaments.

I had a hard time tracking down the pattern for these pig slippers. I found several places that claimed to link to it but they all were dead ends. Finally I found it on the Red Heart website. Who doesn’t love stuffed slippers to keep their feet warm in the winter? These would seriously make a great gift for anyone, adult or child. The pattern would have to be adjusted though since it’s written for an adult medium. I might have to make some of these for myself.

No list of pig patterns would be complete without the piggy, from Invader Zim. If it isn’t the pig from Invader Zim it sure looks like it. Either way, it’s a fun and weird pig and who doesn’t want a fun and weird pig that looks like it could be a a helium balloon?

Pig cleaning mitt. It’s my understanding that little kids love these kind of things. It’s a bath tub toy/puppet that makes bath time fun time. The pattern can also be used to make a frog and a bear. That’s an interesting selection of animals to group together. Another plus, is this pattern is also in Japanese. There is something you don’t see a lot (at least I don’t). I’m all for multilingual patterns because it allows everyone to enjoy making things.

Last but not least is this adorable pig blanket square from One Dog Woof. She’s put together an awesome and adorable Zoodiacs blanket, featuring each of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. It’s a C2C crochet project. I personally have no idea how to do C2C crochet but I want to learn just to make this blanket. I am in love with everything about it and I had to share the piggy panel just where I could sing the praises of this blanket.

Now, go forth everyone, and hook pigs!

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