Project Freezer Bunny

Often, as I am going through Pintrest or something of the like where people share their original creations I often wonder how people come up with ideas. My thoughts go through a range of weirdness because I can never come up with anything I want to make, and if I do, there are already a ton of patterns for that thing. My brain wonders, Is another cow pattern really needed?  This is why I will probably never have a ton of patterns up, but mostly because I can’t think of anything I want to make that I can’t find a pattern for.

My brain also works in strange ways. I was telling a friend of mine that I do not understand most things “kawaii”. I don’t know why, but a lot of it makes me scratch my head. In the world of kawaii I found a toast scarf. My first thought was “I could do this with freezer bunnies.”

Freezer bunnies…from the video game series, The Sims.

People probably understand this as much I understand crochet toast turned into a scarf. That’s okay though, because everyone doesn’t have to like, or even understand, all the same things. I am for whatever inspires someone, and if that’s toast, so be it. As a side thing, the dad of one of my friends is obsessed with toast to the point that he has been known to turn a loaf of bread into toast – in a single day. He would probably love a toast scarf.

This isn’t about toast. This is about freezer bunnies. A while back over at I Crochet Things I found a pattern for a stuffed freezer bunny. In the world of fandoms and video games, you can find a ton of crochet projects (especially if you are looking for Pokemon stuff) but when it comes to The Sims, not so much, so I was excited when I found the crochet freezer bunny. I do plan on making a number of these for a number of friends.

This brings me to the freezer bunny scarf. I spent two days sorting out how to crochet up a freezer bunny for a scarf with really nothing to use as reference outside of a simple picture. The pattern still needs some alterations made but I think I have a successful freezer bunny prototype…

He’s a bit out of proportion and a bit too long. Should be easy enough to fix. I did learn that I can not do embroidery work on crochet for details. I have no idea how people do it. If anyone has some mystical secret on how to do that, email me. I want to know what it is.

Once this project is done I will probably put a scarf up on Etsy along with the pattern. In the meantime I need to work out a pattern for the Grim version of the freezer bunny.

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